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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Memories of my youth

Up before sunrise again, glad I was, it was a nice one. Though I guess every sunrise is a nice one.
We’ve been putting carrots out in the back yard and every morning they are gone, but haven’t seen the bunnies feast on them yet. We’ve seen them running down the road during the day. They are small rabbits, not jack rabbits which surprised me.
So where are we in my saga? Been to the doctor’s office again. And am now on a pill - that might or might not help. What a surprise that was when I picked it up. We have pretty good insurance but this batch cost $50 for one month - WOW. And it might not help! Was reading the side effects - they are worse than the problem! So we’ll see what happens. So for the time being I'll learn to live with it. In January some time I'll be able to get it fixed - I hope. So now we might have to make different plans for what was going to be a January trip to Mexico.
Yesterday the house cleaners came again, our son is sending them over once a week. Wonderful son. They do an excellent job. But I feel weird just sitting here watching them work. Feel like I should be doing something. Going to be spoiled when I have to start doing it myself again. 
Made peanut butter cookies yesterday - using a mix - they sure don’t taste like the cookies I remember from my youth. Guess I should get out a cook book and make “real” ones. They were supposed to bake at 375 - so I set the oven at 300 - it heated to 375 - so they turned out perfect. I should call someone to calibrate it before I forget to change the settings and really burn something. .

I have been on a quest lately looking for “Salad Dressing” - no not the kind you pour over your salad but the white stuff that looks like mayonnaise but tastes different. Couldn’t remember who made it. Finally found it - Miracle Whip makes it but it is now called Miracle Whip Dressing - Original. Found it at Albertsons thanks to an older clerk who remembered what it was. Yummy - I like it better than mayonnaise on sandwiches. Have also rediscovered macaroni salad. It is strange how we slowly stop eating some foods that we always liked. Don’t know why…just drift away from them. I remember eating macaroni salad every summer when I was young. Another thing is ground bologna with ground dill pickles and salad dressing. Made such good sandwiches. I think I get a chunk of bologna and try to make some - I have a grinder. Will it taste as good as it did when I was a kid?


  1. I love macaroni salad...I add a can of tuna and frozen peas...and can eat it for several meals...of course the food police tell us it's unhealthy...but I'm an "older person" and I'm probably healthier than a lot of younger people these days. ha,ha

    1. Hum...the tuna sounds good. Also reminds me of tuna casserole - haven't had any in years. Used to make a tuna mixture with lemon slices under it and corn bread on the top. Loved it. Might make it again soon.

  2. Ah yes, Miracle Whip! It is thankfully easy to find here in Montreal, Canada, which, believe me, and unfortunately, many things are not. For example, I used to be able to purchase Jif peanut butter here but it is no longer around. It was the best I ever had. You have a lovely blog, and this is a great post, thank you so much for sharing. Warm greetings from a baby boomer in Montreal, Canada. :)

  3. It is funny how some things are available in some areas but not in others. I like Bernsteins Salad dressing - but we couldn't get it in Indiana - it is in all the stores here in Vegas. Same with Gallo salami- can't get it in the East. Wonder why.

  4. Don't you have a food processor? Grinders are so out of date....

    I had some friends years ago who were always trying to find White House salad dressing. Finally found it in a small independent grocery.

  5. yes, have a processor but the grinder just feels right to use.