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Friday, November 15, 2013

30 miles from Mexico

Wednesday we spent on the road between Las Vegas and Wickenburg, AZ. An okay drive, no wind and the road was fine. Got far enough south and at the right altitude to see lots of saguaro cactus and Joshua trees. Both of them fascinate me.
I love this sign. Nothing. Guess there used to be something there.
Just proving the point of the sign. Nothing as far as you can see.
Had fun getting out of the RV park yesterday morning – sure glad Bill was driving and not me. The site we were in was designed to make a left turn to get out on the exit road but we couldn’t as there was a big tree about one foot off our left side. Would have tore the crap out of the side of Alfie. So we had to turn right and turn immediately right again – a very narrow and sharp U-turn. Barely cleared a chain link fence with the driver’s mirror. For those of you who have driven this there is a loop from the 60 to the I-10 to go around instead of through Surprise and Sun City that we were debating taking. But just as we decided to do it traffic came to a halt. Of course we were in the far left lane and needed to be in the right….there was an accident with all the accompanying emergency vehicles and we couldn’t get over to make the turn. Oh well – so through the zillions of traffic lights and slow drivers to the 303 loop to the I-10. Another reason I’m glad he is the driver. I HATE going through Phoenix on the I-10. Just HATE it. More than Saint Louis! If I was driving they would find me stopped in the center lane with my hands gripping the wheel, my mouth open and tears streaming down my face. (and I learned to drive in Los Angeles and thought nothing of it.) They would have to pry me loose and sedate me. Bill doesn’t seem to mind it though. But next time we will take the long way around just to miss Phoenix.
Once through Phoenix we saw lots of cotton fields – some had been harvested this one wasn’t.
And sorghum fields – didn’t know they grew sorghum in Arizona.
Stopped in Eloy for something to eat then on through Tucson and to our favorite stopping off RV park about 30 miles from the border. Its taken us 46 days since we left home to get this far. And a little over 2500 miles. The first thing that we did when we got here was plug in and blew the breaker…….trip to the front office……someone could come fix it but not for a couple hours. Solution – plug in next door. Works for us. And this campground has really good Internet so we are using theirs. This month don’t know what I’ve been doing but already got warning that I’ve used a lot of my allowed 5GBS with the MiFi. I have to remember to call Verizon and shut the MiFi down before we leave and cross the border. I think I can turn it off for three months. No sense paying for it and not using it. This campground has gravel sites and it is fun to go out and inspect the gravel as it is full of hunks of turquoise.
Just a picture of last night’s sunset looking west. Not real colorful but pretty. 
Looking east at the sun shinning on the mountain with the moon rising in the sky.
Took a little walk in the desert –this is a nasty little cactus.
This morning it is quite a bit cooler, the sky is filled with dark gray clouds and the wind is blowing hard. Glad we traveled yesterday. Today there is a lot of NASCAR on TV – practice, qualifying and a truck race tonight. I need to get my fix for the next five months. 


  1. Welcome to Admado. I hate driving through Phoenix as well. If possible, I take AZ 85 down to Gila Bend to I-8.

    Maybe we can get together for lunch. Mac's Grill and Pub in Safeway center(at end) about 1 PM, if you want, They have good Liver and Onions.

  2. All the best in crossing the border - trouble free - no vehicles being stolen or anything like that! We always do the 85 but then it takes you too far west most likely, works best for the Ajo entry. Bill has nerves of steal - for sure - amazing where he can take Alfie.