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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not doing much to write about.

Oops – change in plans. We aren’t leaving Las Vegas until tomorrow the 13th. Managed to get two more days here.
Bill’s back has been getting better every day but still touchy if he moves wrong. So taking it easy. I did some laundry. I sure like having the washer/dryer here in the Alfa. When we bought this rig in 2002 I thought the washer was too much, but it came with it so. It doesn’t do big loads but is nice for unmentionables and small things – shirts, shorts, dish towels etc. We use campground washers for towels and sheets though or send them out in Mexico.
We’ve reloaded all the stuff in to the back of Willie – had to take it out for friends luggage.
On Sunday we watched a soccer game – Barcelona - and the Cup race. Kyle  had kind of good weekend – his truck won Friday night and he won the Nationwide yesterday. Had a piece of crap car for the Cup race but managed to finish 7th.
Weather here has been great– blue sky and lots of sunshine. Up into the high 70s. At home it is high of 38 and low of 17. Makes me laugh that we have our little heater on here at night and it doesn’t get really cold.
Been doing some grocery shopping – stocking up on things we know we can’t find in Mexico. Good paper towels and napkins, some frozen things. Each year the list gets shorter as more and more things are available in markets there.
I’ve restarted knitting my lap robe – tore it all up a couple of days ago after massive mistake.  It calls for using circular needles but I’m trying it on 14” needles – I can’t control the circular ones – they have a mind of their own. (Speaking of mind of their own – we never found the container nor the carrot cake.)
I discovered yesterday that the entire series of Travis Mcgee novels by John D Macdonald are available as eBooks. But expensive!!! Now I wish I’d bought the three I found in a used book store the other day. I really like his writing. Always hate it when favorite authors pass away. This year it was Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn – waited every year for Flynns new books.
Going out to lunch with a girl friend today. We used to work together in Los Angeles and she and I did a lot of traveling together – China, Italy, France, England and a cruise through the Panama Canal.

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