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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two different sides of Vegas - serene and wild.

I KNEW we shouldn’t have looked at the new Jeeps!!!! Willie, our Jeep, is mad again. He has a little light that keeps going on –“We need to get it checked.”  And off “Well maybe nothings wrong.”  So this morning Bill is taking him in for tests. And we are not even sneaking peeks at the Jeep brochure. In fact I’m going to throw it out.
While he is gone guess I’ll do laundry and some cleaning. And decide on my pictures from yesterday for this blog. Even our friends from Indiana want a day of rest today. Been dragging them around since they got here.
So any way yesterday morning we picked our friends up and met our oldest son for breakfast. So great spending some time with him. After breakfast he headed back to California and we went on to have a very varied day  - two completely different experiences. In the morning we took a drive through Red Rock Canyon and last evening we went to the Fremont Experience! More about that later.
Driving west on Charleston one minute we were surrounded by housing tracks and 50 feet further we were out of town.
If you’ve never been there the red rock area is truly beautiful. If you’re athletic there are many many hiking trails through the area.
A view of the red rocks from the Visitor Center.  Very interesting Center. Lots of information about the area around Las Vegas. I bought a CD called Red Rock Spirits – flute music – beautiful.
More views of the red and white rock.

All the different layers and marks left by the wind and rain. There are people in this shot.
Some information about the rocks. This is a National Park fee area so of course we got to use our Golden Age pass – that card has saved us so much money over the years.
More rock – hard deciding which picture to share I took so many.
This crack and shadow looks either like a snake or lizard depending on your imagination.
Layers of white and red rock. Isn’t nature wonderful?
He was climbing up and down and up and down. Isn’t youth wonderful?
Leaving the red rock area into the mountains.
Right behind the middle rock is the city – can barely make out the tall buildings. Vegas is at about 2500 feet. We were up to 4600 feet for this picture.
Leaving the Red Rock area we continued on the 159 highway to the 160 on the south end of Vegas and stopped at the huge Bass Pro Shop and Silverton Hotel. This is in the Bass Pro Shop – a huge carved fish face. Lots of detail in it.
And then we saw these – Red Neck Party Cups – almost bought one….almost….
Then into the Silverton to watch the fish in their big aquarium. There is lots to do in Vegas besides gamble and spend money. The Aquarium was decorated for Thanksgiving.
He was swimming right towards me.
Then he took a turn UP – reflections in the glass but neat shot. Funny looking.
After leaving the Silverton we headed home for a little rest. Later we took them to the Fremont Experience. And an experience it is. Fremont Street is the glitziest part of Vegas now. All the bright lights and interesting people and music.
The street is walking only and there is a canopy overhead where there is a fantastic music and light show every hour. 
All the old casinos - ones that we saw their original neon signs when we visited the Neon Boneyard last week. Binions used to be Binions Horseshoe - the Golden Nugges used to have a big nugget out front.  
We got there just before a show started. I took a couple of pictures of the lights – they move up and down the canopy to the music. Amazing.

And then the people there. Notice that their legs are straight up in the air.
There were show girls, transformers, mimes, many musicians, Village People – if you can think of it they were probably there.
Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky were all lit up right across the street from each other.
And there was Cupid with his little red bow and arrow. You notice I said HIS.
It was fun, different and very loud there. Quite different from the red rocks.

Something for everyone in Vegas. 
While doing this I'm listening to an old county music station - boy today must be "sad song" day - almost ready to cry so many sad songs about lost love and lonely lives. 

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