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Monday, November 25, 2013

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico - Pretty and peaceful

Beautiful day yesterday – perfect weather. We took a drive to El Mirador – the view point. To get there we passed near the north very exclusive end of town. Lots of big new homes there and a small marina. There used to be a big RV park up there but it is closed and going to ruin and for sale. Too bad it was nice. The views are spectacular. Ocean, rugged hills, cactus and beaches. The water shades from turquoise to dark blue depending on what direction you are looking.

There are several vendors up at the view point. This one was sweeping the area around his booth – and it was already clean.
Just pictures of the cactus against the blue blue sky.
And a short fat weird bush.
Then we drove down to the beach and just listened to the birds and small waves.  This van was there but no one was around it. I think they were out on their kayaks.
Did find these pretty golden shoes though – no one around – wonder where she went? Is she swimming or did she go home and forget them?
Just as we were leaving this area a crew cab pickup pulled in and unload the WHOLE family. There were 17 of them!
Over to another part of the empty beach. A shrine that has been here a long time. Who put it up there and why?
Just a look down the beach. Just us and the birds.
From there we went to visit one of the marinas. It is always pretty there. Lots and lots of very nice boats. And it is decorated real pretty. The bougainvilleas were blooming in abundance. 
  And I like the sidewalks. Lots of work in them.
And even entertainment. Playing guitar and singing. The music floating out over the water.
And then home. Such hard work we do.
Had a surprise yesterday – a good one. While we were in Amado the washer/dryer didn’t want to work. So we just forgot about it. Well yesterday as I walked by it I decided to see if it would come on. YES! It is working again. Ghosts? A loose plug? Didn’t like Amado? Who cares it is working again.
Well we are going to stay in San Carlos another day. The sea gulls in Huatabampito will have to wait for Bill another day.

I wish I could share the beauty and peaceful of this place with everyone. The pictures don’t do it justice. So what will we do today here in paradise? 

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  1. It is too bad that it is so cold the last couple of days; but it is supposed to warm up again tomorrow. We have been hit with a cold front from California/Arizona, nasty weather; but better coming.
    Enjoy your stay.