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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

Hope every one has a nice day whether with family, friends or by yourself. Looks like today will be nice and warm and sunny here. Yesterday it was cloudy all day but nice and warm.
Didn’t do much – well we did make a trip into Guaymas for some shopping. Checked out the big Soriana there and then ended up in WalMart again. Noticed this Tupperware display in WalMart. Interesting.
Just picked up a few things then home to read, knit and nap. You can guess who did what. Reading an interesting book “Helen of Pasadena” about a woman who is suddenly widowed the day after her husband told her he was leaving her. How she turns her life around in the close knit community of upper class Pasadena. And my scarf that I’m knitting continues to get longer – no tearing out. So that leaves the nap……
There was a kind of pretty sunset last night – not like some of them we’ve seen here. But good enough to take a couple of pictures.

After the sun set we decided to go out to dinner. Our neighbors told us about a restaurant they’d eaten at a couple of days ago. Said it was the best meal they’d had since being here. So off the four of us went. To Blackie’s – and were they ever right. The food was delicious – I had fish cooked with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and white wine with rice and steamed vegetables. Bill had salad, baked potato with all the trimmings and rib eye steak. Of course bread. I cleaned my plate – could have served on it it was so clean. And after dinner the waiter brought us all an after dinner drink. A small glass of vodka, kahlua, cream and cinnamon. Oh my gosh. Our meals were about US$16 apiece. Bill also had a beer and I had ice tea.  
This is the restaurant where we are going today for a Norte Americano traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Yum.
I think I mentioned that we’ll be staying here for another week. So I’m searching the Internet for things to do. One will be a visit to the Pearl Farm in Guaymas. Our friends haven’t been there. Was also reading about the little town/area of San Jose there is supposed to be an old church and some really old, big cactus around there.
We (us gals) want to go to the Parisiana yardage store and Woolworths in Guaymas. And what ever else I can find. The old jail looks interesting too if we can find it and the Central Market.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you! Great that you are having such a good time with new friends!