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Monday, November 18, 2013

Crossing things off our list

Watched the last NASCAR race of the year yesterday. Won’t see another one until we get back in the states sometime next spring.
We went out to dinner at the Cow Palace just across the freeway. We stopped there Saturday night but it was prime rib buffet night and had a live band – the place was packed so we went else where. Last night there were about 10 people including us in there. Good meal.
When we got home the full moon was just rising up over the mountain. So pretty.

This morning we called a windshield fixer – he will be here tomorrow morning to fix the pits in the Alfa’s windshield – got behind a gravel truck on our way out here….
Then we decided to go to Nogales to get the Mexican insurance for the vehicles. I grabbed last year’s policies so we’d have all the information for the insurance guy. It wasn’t until he was imputing info in the computer “You want the RV to be insured for $12,000 right?” What? Oh crap last year we took Jennie – that was the Class C’s insurance info. Did we have the Alfa’s info with us? Of course NOT! So what to do? Well we jumped into the car came the 25 miles back to the Alfa and got the right information and drove back to Sanborn’s in Nogales with it. The insurance for both vehicles cost $375. One more thing done. We’ve been buying our Mexican insurance from the same guy since our first trip in 1978. (Right behind the Sanborn’s sign is the sign for Mi Casa RV Park – we stayed there in 1978. It is more permanent trailer park now with only a couple overnight spaces.
On our second trip to Nogales the fuel warning bell went off. Good thing we have 20 to 30 miles once it goes off. Paid 2.94 for a gallon - I think from what I've read that this year gasoline is more expensive in Mexico but diesel cheaper. We'll see. 
Then into downtown to go to WalMart to get the last of the things on our list – which again of course – was hanging on the refrigerator in the Alfa! Really together today lady.
There were more Sonora cars in the parking lot than Arizona ones. Even the cashier greeted us in Spanish.

Checking our home town newspaper web site discovered there was some damage in Brown County. Roofs blown off, trees down and some without electricity. But haven’t heard that anything happened to our home. 


  1. Yup - the second I read that you brought last years papers I knew you were in trouble! Darn! Get it together lady! LOL (I hate days like that!)

  2. I will be following along with ya'll this year and looking forward to your posts. I have moved away from the Mexico border and living in Fredericksburg ,Tx. now. Safe travels and good times ahead !!

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