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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rotton weather at home.

Yesterday was warm and windy again.  This morning it is cloudy but quiet and a little cooler.
Spent most of yesterday at home – Bill puttering around and me watching NASCAR.
After the race we went out to dinner and grocery shopping. I also got my hair cut – very very short now – shouldn’t need a haircut for a long time. While at WalMart we saw an Aero Knife in their “as seen on TV” section. Been watching the infomercial on them for a while and wondered if they really work like they say. It was only $9.98 so we got one. Can’t wait to cut potatoes or tomatoes with it – hummmm that means I’d have to cook something. Might rethink that.
Been watching the weather channel – the area we live in in Central Indiana is under a sever storm watch with heavy winds and a chance of large tornados. Sure hope there aren’t any tornados for anyone today.And that all our trees keep standing in the winds. 
Probably won’t do much today – maybe a little cleaning. Bill is watching soccer (Argentina vs Ecuador) and later is the last NASCAR race of the season.

Making our last list of things to do or get before we cross the border. Need to go to Nogales to get the insurance for the vehicles. We use Sanborns have been using them for years.  Also need to shut down our MiFi – no sense paying for it when we can’t use it. And somewhere in here I have some Pesos – guess I’d better look for them. 

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