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Thursday, November 21, 2013

We are in MEXICO

Well we are now in Mexico.  Left Amado around 7:30 Crossed the border about 8:00 and were at Km21 and done with our paper work and on the road again by 9:30. We got to Hermosillo at 12:45. We’ll stay here overnight and tomorrow morning we’ll head on south to San Carlos for a couple of days.
This is a Border Patrol check point for Northbound traffic in Arizona near the campground where we stayed. Had to go through it twice the day we went to Nogales to get the insurance.
We take Exit 4 off of the 19 – following the truck route around the city of Nogales.
Coming up to the US side of the border.
We took the truck lanes as the car lanes are so narrow. No body said anything – in fact no one even looked at us. Just went on through.
Into Mexico on the 15D the toll road – this is not a very good section of it just as you enter.
Then about five miles down the road the first Toll Booth - Caseta de Cobro – 175 Pesos at this one – about US$13.50. Went up 11 Pesos from last year. We get charged for both the RV and the Jeep.
Ah! We know we are in Mexico now – our first Tope [speed bump on steroids.] You’d better slow down for them. 
This is entering the first big Mexican check point. Again we took the bus/truck lane and had no problems – and again no one even looked up at us. Just breezed right through.
We stopped at one of the big gas stations but they didn't take credit cards and didn't have Pesos yet. Glad we really didn't need it. Most of the stations take them now but every once in a while you'll find one that doesn't. So we always ask first. What would they have done if the diesel was already in???? Did have US dollars though. 
The last of the bad rough road for the day. Lots of new pavement all the way to Hermosillo. And lots of construction going on. But the road was good and the detours were easy to take.
We got to Km21 – where we pick up our Tourist Cards and vehicle papers and discovered they now have a guard shack in the parking lot. Remember this is where Willie got stolen two years ago. Here’s that story http://lifeinbrowncounty.blogspot.mx/2011/11/willie-fantastic-adventure.html
Lots of RVs here this time. Mostly Canadian. That’s why it took us longer to get everything done today.
We were there almost an hour but our paper work only took about 20 minutes. They are getting very efficient.
The first stop – where paper works is filled out for the Tourist Cards. Three couples in front of us.
Right outside the door of this building is a place where you can get the copies needed made. We had all our copies already except the copy of the Tourist Card – cost 50 cents. One stop shopping – exchange money and get insurance if you didn’t have it already.
Then on to the last building to get the real paper work. Show Passports and Tourist Card application. Everything went into the computer and we paid and got receipt. US$23 each. Then the paper work for the Jeep. They want to see original registration papers – guess what - none of the couples in front of us had their original with them had to run back to their RVs. Stood and waited……..Got our chance. No problems – all paper work in order paid our deposit for the Jeep US$300 We get it back when we go home and turn in the paper work. Last year it was back on the credit card within five days. And we were done and back on the road. Almost forgot to mention this This year they stamped our passport with an entry stamp. Guess that means we better turn in our Tourist Cards and get an exit stamp when we leave.
You can tell when you are coming to a tope – vendors are standing in the middle of the road on the tope selling all kinds of stuff. From birds to CDs to soft drinks or fruit.
It is kind of unnerving when you are driving down a lane and see an arrow pointing at you. Guess they didn’t get them repainted/unpainted when the construction was done. On coming traffic was in the other lanes.
Mostly beautiful road. Four lane divided and nice surface. Looks like were driving through the southwest US doesn’t it?
There is a northbound military check point a ways into Mexico. These are a small portion of the trucks waiting to go through it. 
Cars, RV and buses don’t have to wait in that line – just the cargo trucks. It was over 3 kilometers long! Be lucky if they get through today. And of course there were vendors all along it.
As the drive progressed it got windier and windier. Hate that. Bill was really hanging on. Glad the road was so good and it even has shoulders now. Temperatures up around 80 and pretty humid. Might be rain tomorrow and over the weekend.
As I mentioned we got here in Hermosillo about 1:00. We always stop at the Sonora RV park just before the city. Got parked, set up and headed out in the Jeep in search of lunch. There is one restaurant we like to go to it is part of one of the hotels. Asked for and got ice tea that was delicious – with both lemon and sugar in it. Here in Mexico I never know what I’ll get when I ask for ice tea. We both had huge excellent grilled chicken salads. Lots of chicken, avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers in it. Bill had coffee. Total bill US$15.00 Love to eat out in Mexico.
Then to TelCel which just happened to be across the street. TelCel now has MiFi – BUT – you have to sign a 24 month contract. No thanks. We had our TelCel Banda Ancha (Internet USB stick) from last year and could still use it. Amazing more progress. Didn’t have to buy another one just added a month’s worth of time – 3GBS to this one. 520 Pesos about US$40 for the month and the set up fee. Also had to find an ATM as part of the fee had to be in cash! Luckily there was one right around the corner and it was working.
Back in Alfie now and already have the Banda Ancha working – very fast here in a big city. Whoopie – all set.
Can’t get Direct TV here this time. Usually we can but this time we’re parked under a tree – or more accurately parked in a tree. So didn’t really expect it. Can’t get it any further south than this so will be without until we go back to the US.
And that is about it for today. Tomorrow morning we have to drive through the outskirts of Hermosillo before getting back on the 15. Sure hope all the detours have been eliminated this year. 


  1. Wow! Just like clock work with you two - and driving such a big rig! So impressed! At least I can follow along knowing exactly what you mean with everything - I should have sent you my stick this summer......

    I'm sure it will still be a bit before you are there but I'll bet Bill is already dreaming of the ribs!

  2. He was dreaming and sail "smelling" them before we crossed the border!