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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Willie was squeaking and groaning yesterday

Lots of gray clouds in the sky here in San Carlos this morning. No wind though. Yet. Some blue sky out over the Sea.
I didn’t mention that we had a scare with Willie [well I had a scare – Bill didn’t seem too concerned] yesterday after we got here. When we took him to get washed he had a terrible growl-groan-squeak coming from his rear end. Especially when turning or going over a tope. No warning lights on, no problem in handling, just grrrrreeek. Bill backed up a few times and it got a little better so we went on to the car wash. Ate lunch and came home. By then it was more squeaking and less groaning and growling. Bill pondered on it bit – anyway that’s what he said he was doing while flat on his back with his eyes closed.Well that was an exhausting drive can't blame him for relaxing.
As the sky cleared a little we took Willie for another drive – a couple of squeaks and he was fine. Near as we can figure either mud/gravel/bush or something got up under him and just had to be dried up, loosened up and/or fall out. He is fine now.
We talked about going out to dinner but decided to stay in and cook again. Chicken with vegetables and Angel hair pasta.
There is a restaurant right next to the campground that we’ve gone to a lot. Last year we went there for dinner one night and thought we’d have quesadillas. We asked if we could get chicken quesadillas – even though the quesadillas on the menu didn’t include chicken. The waiter said he’d check with the cook. He came back and said yes – so we ordered. When they came they were very good and we enjoyed our meal. Until we got the check – it was about three times what we thought it should be. Bill called the waiter back to question it. The waiter went back to the manager then came to explain it to us. The restaurant didn’t have any chicken but they did have Cornish Game Hens so that is what they cooked for the quesadillas. AND that is what they charged us for. OMG! I’d have eaten slower and relished it more if I’d known that. Any way they reduced the check some – but after all we did get Cornish Game Hen.
Had some hard rain last night for a little bit. Reading the internet I see Arizona and TX are getting rain too. Must be part of the same system.
No plans for today. Depends on the weather some. It looks like this system might stick around for a few more days. If so we’ll just stay hunkered down cause not too far down the highway is another city that we have to drive right through – prefer it to be dry when we do.

Last night was the first night since leaving home that we didn’t have to turn on the little heater. Guess we’re getting far enough south. And Bill loves it and is happy that we’re at sea level again. 

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