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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

La Manga

Yes we are still in San Carlos – haven’t got “On the Road Again” yet [listening to Willie Nelson sing that as I write this.] We won’t be going to Huatabampito until Friday. We’ve been enjoying our neighbors and discovered that one of the restaurants here is going to serve a traditional Norte Americano Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so we decided to stay for it. Should be interesting. RECALCULATE! Bill just got back from the park office and we'll be staying here for another week. Till Dec 4th. 
Yesterday we talked our neighbors into taking another drive with us. This time we went to the little – emphasize little – town of La Manga just up a dirt road north of San Carlos. We’d been out there last year and it has a very interesting feature.
This is just a picture of some of the boats at anchor in San Carlos. Thought it was pretty. We were told that they are charged US$100 a month to use the tie downs there.
I’ve been trying to get a picture of this shrine for years – finally a half way decent one. It is just off the road when heading north. Looks like it’s been painted since last year.
Love this mural on this house. It looks so real. Hard to tell where the real desert ends and the mural begins.
Went up to El Encanto – a place where land is for sale – expensive land – just to look at the view. The water looked like it was covered with sparkles.
Up the road past all the developments and fancy hotels the road to La Manga turns to dirt.
The area is magnificent – the mountains so colorful and lots of different vegetation.
Several of the homes had sea shells for sale. And items made out of sea shells. Didn’t price any. Didn’t see any one to ask.
And the reason we came here. This is the only town where we’ve seen so many campers, trailers and 5th wheels being used to live in. They are sitting all along the main road through town. There are 20 or 30 of them being used.
This one has its own outhouse – in fact several of them did. The black item behind the outhouse is a fresh water container.
We stopped at the boat launch to look around. Only one panga was tied in the area. But there were ropes and floats for several more.
While looking out at the water we saw another panga come into the harbor. It continued moving at a fast rate of speed and the fisherman drove it right up on the beach to park it just down around the bend. Wasn’t quick enough to take a picture.
Check out the sign on the boat.
Very interesting little town. Lots of little restaurants on the water and of course a soccer field in front of the little church. One restaurant was getting its thatched roof redone. 
He is trimming the fronds with his machete 
Then back into San Carlos were we had lunch at Evie’s Simply Coffee café. Very good food and friendly people. Then we went to a little store that carries lots of groceries from the States. Our friend found Bisquick that she has been looking for. And looking around we discovered Bush Beans! Thomas English Muffins and Valasic pickles to just mention a few things. The owners make a run to the states every two weeks and bring back things people have asked for.
Last night we visited and watched a movie. The Chuck Norris one where jumps through a moving car’s windshield – love that move.

Today we’ll probably make a run into Guaymas again. 

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