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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Met a reader today at Camping World

Gad. With the time change I was up at 5:20 this morning. Will be dragging by tonight I bet.
Well we never did find the carrot cake – nor the container it came in…..cannot explain it. Funny thing is we ate at the same restaurant last night and were telling the waitress about it. Said maybe it grew legs and left. When we got ready to leave she brought me another piece of carrot cake in a container and had written on the lid “my legs are gone.” I just looked in the refrigerator and it is still there.
And we finally found something we’ve been looking for for a while. Bill likes shredded carrots in his salads and he likes a special shredder [we have one and I forgot it at home]– one he can hang on to that has the same big holes over the whole shredder. They are hard to find – we can find the ones with two sizes of holes or the four sided ones. Any way yesterday I looked on the web and found a couple of restaurant supply stores – the first one we went into had what he wanted. Hooray. Now if we only find the throw rug we’re looking for. I wonder if there is still a Levitz around?
Then we spent some time looking at new Jeeps [shush don’t let Willie hear that.] They don’t make the Liberty any more and the Cherokees are too fancy and to heavy, the Rubicons and Saharas too uncar like. And the Compass doesn't come with any power seat or windows. And they come with all kinds of stuff we’d never use and don’t come with power seats and windows?????? unless you get the fancy all inclusive packages. Nothing compares to what we already have with Willie. He is so comfortable to ride in and does just great out in the dirt and rocks. 
Been a bad race weekend for my favorite driver so far. Blew his engine in the truck race and blew a tire and hit the wall in the Nationwide race. Hope today is better for him. Starting 5th in the Cup race. {Oops already hit the wall but recovering okay.]Very little chance of him getting the championship but who knows weird things can happen.
I started to read the book by Anne Hillerman – it is pretty good. About half way through it. She references a lot of her father's books/stories that I remember reading. 
Saw these two signs while riding around town the other day. From this angle it looks like the guy has a showgirl headdress.
Also the new ferris wheel that is being built by Caesars Entertainment right behind Harrah’s hotel. 55 stories high and you can see it from all over town. It will be part of a new outdoor plaza and mall.
It’s called The High Roller and will be 100 feet taller than the London Eye. These giant urban Ferris wheels typically transport riders in large, fixed capsules instead of the smaller, teetering baskets most people remember from childhood. High Roller riders will have to take a break from gambling and smoking when they enter one of the 28 glass capsules attached to the gargantuan wheel but they will be able to take in the marquee-lit panoramic views with a drink in hand.
The wheel, which has been under construction since 2011, is taller than the Bellagio hotel-casino and will take 30 minutes to make one revolution.

The neatest thing happened today while we were at Camping World buying a new hose and filter. A lady walked up to us and asked if we were the bloggers. What? Blogger? Yes, I’ve been reading your blog for a while. She recognized us from pictures I’ve posted. Turns out she and her husband also travel to Mexico in the winter in their Class C. We’ve been to a lot of the same places. Small world. And always exciting to meet someone who reads the blog. 


  1. I've been intrigued by the ferris wheel in London. So now I can see one closer to home and bigger, at that! I wonder when it will be finished? I almost went to Georgies for breakfast when you were in Cottonwood, but wasn't sure you like strangers coming up to tell you they read your blog. I could have done that, but I would have sent you an email first.

    1. If we ever get the chance again would love to meet you

  2. You won't see me in that ferris wheel, yikes, too high. How great that you met a reader, exciting!

  3. Hi Carol and Bill - I would like to travel to South America by road so that I can take my two dogs, do you know anyone about to take off to South America? I would love to join how much do you think that would cost? Please email me carladerosmini@gmail.com

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