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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Visit to Empalme, Sonora, Mexico

Another beautiful day in Paradise – the San Carlos – Guaymas area of Sonora, Mexico.
Yesterday we took a drive to a town south of Guaymas. Ever since the time we were here in this RV park several years ago and our neighbor at that time was making wind chimes with shells she found on the beach in Empalme I’ve wanted to go there. So we hijacked our present neighbors and headed over there yesterday mid morning.
We took the road along the Sea of Cortez [Gulf of California for you gringos] instead of the main highway inland. It is a pretty drive. We passed the Delfinario on the way. Beautiful facility. I’ve got conflicting information about it this year. So don’t know if it is still open or not. There were cars and people there but maybe just maintenance staff. In the past there were shows and a program for children with difficulties to swim with the dolphins. 
Then into Guaymas – just a picture – of swimming pools for sale.
And a vendor at a tope. Selling fruits and vegetables.
Through Guaymas and across the bridge into Empalme. It’s a city of about 50,000 now. It was originally built by a foreign construction company (Utah Construction Co) for the Southern Pacific Railroad to provide repair facilities for SP operations in Mexico. The shops and roundhouse still exist today but are falling apart.
But the first thing we saw were all the docks with many many pangas tied up at them.
To get in and out of the area where they dock the fishermen have to go under a couple of very low bridges – so they have to time the tide right and stay in dredged channels. Or bonk!
He probably just came in and is unloading. The fish are kept in coolers until sold or…
Down at the end of the docks was this shrine.
Heading back the other way we stopped to watch this net fisherman. Didn’t get a shot of him throwing the net. Just getting it ready to throw. They were catching bait.
Hummm? Lunch in a bucket.
Just going into town an old railroad engine.
Still a lot of railroad activity going on. Lots and lots of tracks and trains. Finally had to build a bridge to easy the auto traffic.
Luckily our neighbor knew where the shell beach was – with out him we probably wouldn’t have found it. Like most beaches here during the week it is deserted. Lots of restaurants and palapas along it.
Walking up along the beach I spotted this rock with these shells attached to it. Look like they were put there on purpose. Forming a little shell flower. Didn’t disturb them just took a picture.
Lots and lots of shells along here. But I didn’t pick up any. Aren’t I being a good girl. We still have bags of them at home from other times. Amazing how many designs and colors shells come in. I take that back I did pick up a pretty pink one.
Like this bright yellow one. If it had been whole I might have been tempted to grab it. It almost looks like a weaving.
Going back through Empalme near downtown we passed a wall that had some magnificent graffiti on it. But there was too much traffic and too many trees to get any good pictures. This is the only decent one I got
After getting back to San Carlos we went out to lunch – at an Italian restaurant – Pasta Fasta – pretty good spaghetti. Nice outing and good company who could ask for more.
Spent rest of day doing not much, reading, knitting, visiting and watching a movie. Hard life.

Going to put a small load of laundry in to see how it goes. Then later today we’re going out the small fishing village north of here. 

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