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Friday, November 22, 2013

Relax it's Mexico

Relax – this about sums it up for today. On the wall in the restaurant in San Carlos where we ate lunch.
It was cloudy this morning when we were getting ready to leave the campground in Hermosillo. It had drizzled a little during the night – just enough to dirty up the windshield Bill had cleaned last night.
We hadn’t been on the highway for two minutes when it started to rain. Not too hard but enough to use the wipers.
We stopped for diesel and while filling the tank to the tune of $3,119.00!!!!! I don’t care how many times we’ve been here the first big number throws me. That’s about US$240.00. Diesel here is US$3.60 a gallon with the exchange rate of 13Pesos to a Dollar. Any way back to the story. While sitting in the gas station….a churasco hit! Wind and heavy rain. By the time we were full the rain had let up some but the streets were flooded. Now this was real fun.
Glad we didn’t get either vehicle washed in Arizona. Poor Willie got drenched!
The signage was really good going through Hermosillo – but some of the streets left a lot to be desired. Especially after a rain storm. Water was so deep we couldn’t see the topes – thank goodness we could see everyone else’s brake lights coming on.

We did fine up until the last turn out of Hermosillo. I knew we had to turn south [left] – the GPS said turn left – ta da – BUT to turn left we had to be in the right lane. Just great. Of course we were in the far left lane which would lead us right back into the center of Hermosillo. Some horns and people waving at us as we scooted across the lanes. But actually most of the vehicles did stop for us and let us in. Being really big helps sometimes.
By the time we were out of town the rain had stopped but the wind had picked up. First blowing from the right then the left and then back again. Nasty drive. And lots of rough road and construction all the way to San Carlos.
 So our nice drive of 92 miles turned into the drive from He--! New asphalt – sign must mean loose gravel. Again poor Willie.
Caught up to one of the construction crews. How many workers can you get into the back of a pick up? At least six.
Here the road was only one lane – supposedly the left lane. But the wind had knocked all the orange cones over so we couldn’t drive in the left lane. This truck was in front of us stopping and starting so the guy could set the cones upright. Finally he just waved us on to the right lane. Then he continued behind us setting the cones upright again.
The last insult to the poor motorhome is on the way into San Carlos. For some reason around their “round abouts” someone decided to pave the road with bricks. It looks pretty but sure shakes the heck out of an RV. So three plus nerve racking hours later we arrived in San Carlos where we’re staying at the Totonaka RV Park. A nice park right across the street from the water, good Internet (which I hope I can use to upload a video of our ride through Hermosillo.) Good electricity, sewer and water. They also have cable TV but we haven’t tried it yet. 300 Pesos or US$23 a night. We’re going to stay here at least two nights and probably three. Until the weather passes anyway.
After settling in we took Willie to get washed. Poor thing was covered in mud and water streaks. A true "hand wash" car wash.
While he was getting washed we went into the restaurant next door and had lunch. That is where I saw the sign “Relax its Mexico.” Yep sure is.
The sky has cleared up somewhat and it is warm and really windy. But not so warm that we need the AC.
Big surprise – just for the heck of it I bought a 99 cent Nook book from Barnes and Nobel. Last year I couldn’t download any books from them. I could buy them but couldn’t get them until we got back in the US. But this one downloaded fine. Works for me.
I wonder why when I type in the name of a town Blogger sometimes puts it in bigger letters and bold type?


  1. That was quite a ride, glad you made it safe to San Carlos. I forgot about that right turn to go south, I was in the left lane my last trip. I had to continue down the road and made a U turn.

  2. Glad you made it! Enjoy, hope the weather lets up

  3. That was a CRAZY day - even for Mexico! Nerves of steel Bill, nerves of steel!