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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last day in US - on the road tomorrow.

Woops – missed a day. Didn’t really have anything of interest to write about – don’t today either but will any way.
Yesterday morning I had an unexpected surge of real anger – when I thought about it later it really was stupid – but sometimes those things just grab you. I was playing a game of mahjong on the laptop – clicking on the little tiles. But for some reason yesterday my hand was shaking more than usual and I was having a hard time keeping the cursor on the tiles I wanted to click. And it just made me so angry – The emotion just surged over me! I wanted to throw the mouse and the laptop off the table. Surprised the heck out of me – luckily it didn’t last long. I’m not usually that irrational. My hands have been shaking for years – I have essential tremors (that means they only shake when I use them. Like writing, using a mouse, lifting a spoon or cup to my mouth – fun stuff like that.) Nothing can be done for it.  And I’ve learned to live with it – sometimes it’s even funny. Like when I handwrite a grocery list and can’t read it once I get to the store…..And at least my head isn’t shaking yet. Enough of that.
The guy who came to repair the pits in Alfie’s windshield said it didn’t need repair. The tiny pin pricks from the gravel from the truck that got in front of us were not bad enough to repair. They won’t get any bigger.
Another trip to WalMart in Green Valley– so far this year we haven’t seen the old guy who wears a gun on his hip in there shopping. I HOPE that now we have everything. And discovered there was a JoAnns in the shopping center. Had to go in and look around. Bought another How to Knit book and some yarn. Have no clue what I’ll do with it but I have it in case I want it. My new project is about 10 inches along with no mistakes yet. It will be a neck scarf when it is done.
Stop The Presses! I cooked dinner two nights in a row! Just wanted a real meal without going out. Steak and baked potatoes one night and good hamburgers last night.
Well today should be our last day in the US. Planning on leaving tomorrow morning and going as far as Hermosillo to the Sonora RV park there. While there we hope to purchase an Internet service – a TelCel Banda Ancha USB stick and get it activated [that part is always iffy] Hope the people in the TelCel offices have learned more about how it works this year.
Today is just putting stuff back where it belongs, doing last minute business on line and doing the laundry. Exciting stuff.

The sun has popped out – still lots of clouds but it is warming up. 
Have been checking on line and it looks like gasoline is more expensive in Mexico than the US and diesel is close in price. Also read that the road tolls have gone up again. And one of the RV parks we were going to stop at is closed!

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  1. Safe travels you two! So glad we did our Mexico trip last year with the gasoline prices and tolls. Happy to follow you again this year through pictures. We'll be jealous about the warmth!