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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day in Mexico with Friends

What is going on with Blogger changing the type size through out the blog?
Is anyone out shopping this morning? Doesn’t sound fun to me.
We really had a good time yesterday here in San Carlos. Bill made arrangements to have Alfie washed and waxed today so first we had to go buy the wax. The washer/waxer man likes a special kind. So we went to one of the local grocery stores –Santa Rosa - as opposed to a chain market – to buy it. We haven’t been in that market for a couple of years. What a difference. They carry a completely different supply of groceries than they used to. Lots more gringo stuff. One thing that is hard to find down here is plain old black tea in bags – they had two different brands. They had small pumpkin pies – home made. Cottage cheese – which I’d forgotten to get at WalMart the other day. And of course the wax.
While checking out we noticed a flyer for a Shrimp Festival that is going to be tomorrow. Said food, music, crafts. Sounded neat so we went looking for the Plaza where it is going to be. Had never heard of the plaza….but it was supposed to be right as one comes into the town. Drove out there. Found a brand new strip mall with no name. Could that be it? Pulled in and drove around a little – some of the signs on the soon to be opened stores had the name of the plaza SeaScape down in the corner. So Bill stopped and got out to see if he could find any one to ask. Joe and I stayed in the car – and stayed in the car – and stayed in the car. Where did Bill go? Jokingly I said to Joe, “Maybe he is renting a store.” About then Bill came back and said to Joe, “Do you have time to see something?” OMG he is renting a store – flashed through my mind. So he got back in the car and drove over to one of the stores and parked. We got out and traipsed in. Turned out to be a art school. There were several ladies in there learning to oil paint. Mostly gringos but a few Mexicans. The teacher is a lovely Mexican woman and she must be a really good teacher as some of the work the women were doing was great.
Most of them were painting landscapes or flowers but check out the first painting on the right!!!! Goodness where is her model?
We talked quite a while to this woman. She’d never painted before. She took a photograph while in Guanajuato and has transformed it into a painting. Love it.
Unexpected adventure. Never know what you'll find down here. And yes that is the plaza where the festival will be – so guess where we are going tomorrow.
While we were out running around: Bill, me and Joe. Joe’s wife Carole was baking Bill a chocolate cake to make up for the one he bought that turned out to be not chocolate. Great people. Great cake. 
Around 3:00 we headed out to Blackie’s for our Thanksgiving Dinner.
Here is our dinner – first we had Waldorf Salad then the main course. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, candied yam and cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. And the restaurants signature after dinner drink. 
It’s the first real Thanksgiving dinner we’ve had in a long time. Guess I should say I’ve had as Bill had steak and baked potato and regular salad. He’s not into turkey. Also had the company of good friends.
Then home to rest until we could get our selves moving for a walk along the Malecón. No pretty sunset though. 


  1. Always an adventure with you guys! LOVE the ladies painting - she did a great job - like that kind of look. Have a good time at the shrimp festival.

  2. Is that George? If so, I hope he is happy and well. I miss reading his blog.