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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alfa - Part 3 - the end

I'm getting tired just review
ing all the work that has been done in Alfie. Of course it took place over a period of 12 years and is still on going. Bill reminded me of a couple of things I forgot to include so will have to go take more pictures.
The front end is done so now heading towards the back - We added mirrors to the bathroom door - like the look and made the door more solid. Also added mirrors on the narrow wall next to the bath door. Then added photos I've taken - they change with our travels. 
Also added mirrors to the cupboards above the bed. And then Bill did some "etching" to make them prettier. That was fun but haven't done it again. It's not that we like to look at ourselves it's that it adds a lot of depth and light to the rooms. 
Just as look at the bedroom. I made the quilt using photos I've taken as we travel. Through the years the photos have faded - didn't think about that when I made it. Debating about doing another one...[the green thing is Bill's shoe horn - it also doubles as a drawer stop when traveling. Some of the catches on the drawers need fixing.
See the picture on the lower left - it is really a box covering a bunch of electrical switches, plugs, etc. 
This is not a very good picture but it is the only one I could find. There used to be two windows between the closet and the back wall. One was in the slide so it had a deep shelf in front of it. Arrow.
Kind of useless so Bill got a couple doors from a home improvement center and made it into a double cabinet.
And we added extra storage devices in the closets
and along one side of the bed - don't just use this for shoes - holds all sorts of little stuff. The quilt comes down over it so it isn't seen.
Years ago I wallpapered the bathroom and added curtains.
By last year the trim piece was falling off so Bill put up mosaic tile trim. It will still be standing when the bathroom comes down. He also built himself a box to hold his shaver. 
And of course a magazine holder. Every bathroom needs one. 
Back to the front of the rig - we had to change the TV last summer - what a job that was! So the new TV with an oak frame.
And a few years ago we added a front steel bumper - the fiberglass piece that was there got more and more cracks and pieces missing every trip we took so finally it was removed and replaced. The new bumper doesn't crack or bend. 
And I think that is all we've done - this year we have to figure out how to cover up the crack on the inside (by the TV) front cap. I'm thinking glue and vinyl - Bill is thinking colored Duct tape in a striped pattern. Hunmmmm Or maybe we'll just ignore it. 

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  1. Thanks for posting all the projects done on your Alfa - You have definitely personalized it. Our changes are certainly not as dramatic.
    Kathi (arlonboozer.com)