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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One of those days -

Ever wake up in the morning and just know it is going to be “one of those” days?
My first thoughts on waking up were of what I’d been dreaming about – false teeth made from soft pink rubbery plastic. And finally selling one of the trucks but being paid in goats and pigs. And just as I got up Bill came back to bed – he’d been up for a couple of hours. His reason for going back to bed…it’s too cold out there. Um – turn up the heater.
Today should be the last of our cold weather – supposed to warm up to the high 70s then in the 80s tomorrow. But the warm weather brings rain – severe rain.
Went outside to check on the corn, threw some over the rail and scared a couple squirrels – did you know they can jump straight up in the air about four feet and move forward at the same time.
Here is a terrible picture – taken through a dirty window and fence of Bitchy out eating.

this is Bitchy - see her blind eye.
Spilled my coffee as I took it out of the microwave – all over the stove top and my newly scrubbed floor. Cleaned the coffee pot yesterday – it was taking an hour to make coffee and grumbling all the while. Works so much better now. Amazing how much ick can accumulate in it from the water.
Worked in the Alfa some yesterday – I’m beginning to rethink “giving it a good cleaning” before putting it back in storage. Doesn’t sound fun any more but I’ve gone so far I need to finish it. 
[all the rugs, curtains, bedding, slip covers are in the house all nice and clean waiting to be put back - can't put them back on dirty floors or window blinds.] I did get the refrigerator completely cleaned and disinfected and put back together yesterday and the bed room all done except for oiling the wood. Probably will go out there and get at it again after I post this. We’ll want to put the slide back in tonight before the storms hit again. The high winds knock all kinds of crap off the trees it’s parked under.
I can’t find my glasses this morning…can’t imagine where I left them last night. Right now I’m using a pair of computer glasses that must be 15 years old. Things look a little fuzzy around the edges.
We watched Barcelona lose the Spanish league soccer championship over the weekend and Kyle wreck his car just after the start of the All Star Race so didn’t have much hope for the Indiana Pacers playing the Heat. Boy did they surprise everyone – Very good game. Now if they can do as well today too.

More signs of spring around the house. 
Baked "real" banana bread yesterday - from scratch instead of from a box. Both Bill and our friend Tom were watching me make it. I hate an audience when I'm cooking - so of course I made a mess. Instead of creaming the shortening and sugar with a spoon I stuck the electric beater in the bowl. Boy is low speed ever fast...sugar and Crisco all over the place. Had to scoop it up and put it back in the bowl. So of course after I added the eggs Bill asked me if I wanted help - I DON'T THINK SO! Finally got it made and in the oven. Turned out good.  Tonight I'm going to try roasting a chicken - haven't done that in years. Using a recipe I got from a cooking show - Everyday Italian. Sounded good - lots of orange, lemon and garlic. Hum...unless things go better the rest of the day maybe I should wait. I need to find my glasses!

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  1. Roast chicken - one of my fave go to dinners!! Still miserable here. Went to see the cherry blossoms today they didn't look good this year, winter was too hard on them. Skimpy and not a lot of colour.