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Friday, May 9, 2014

Quiet day

We went into town early this morning for breakfast and to go to the garden shop so Bill could buy some herbs. He is starting a planter garden in the screen porch. Last time he tried it the porch wasn't screened and the racoons tore out all the plants. Hopefully this time they don't tear out the screen to get to the herbs.
Last year we relocated about eight or nine racoons, don't know yet if any made their way back here or if a new family moved in. Allthough aftering seeing all the bird seed from the feeder on the floor of the back deck I suspect something is out there.
Pest control came today and really treated the house inside and out. Living in the woods does have some drawbacks. Now we're waiting for the insurance to come out for the leaking roof. And for the guy to come and clean the gutters. The ones in the back are 2 1/2 stories from the ground. I'll be glad when everything is done and we can sit back and enjoy.
This afternoon that is pretty much all I did any way - lots of NASCAR on TV today. I'm writing this between truck qualifying and Cup qualifying - then there is a truck race. Kyle has the pole.
It is cooling down here some and today we had a few sprinkles of rain, just enough to make the car dirty.
Come Monday we'll start working in the Alfa again, cleaning and tightening screws etc....

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