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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alfa Then and Now Part 2

So now we are in the living room again. As I said when we bought Alfie he had a couch/bed it sat in front of a narrow deep cabinet. One of those cabinets that you put things in and then couldn’t get them out or forgot they were there. Before we changed the carpet too. 
So when we decided to change the carpet we had to take the couch out so what better time to get rid of it. There was another Alfa in the same campground and he needed a new couch. Bill told him he could have this one if he'd take it out. Thirty minutes later it was gone. The next day the new carpet was installed and we bought the Lazy Boy recliner.
That cabinet was just a deep pit so Bill decided to do something with it. Why not a fireplace and a wine cellar? Sounded like a good idea to me. So here are the pictures. 
electric fireplace and new doors for wine cellar - bought doors at Lowes
making sure fireplace works
fireplace in - space for doors marked

bricks added in front of fireplace - hole for doors cut
Behind the doors he built partitions to hold bottles and lined them with foam so no rattling. 
Not only does it look pretty it puts off a good amount of heat too. He also added a partition to the top so we can still use it for some storage. About five inches deep. 
Some odds and ends up front - a key holder just inside the door - more use of carpet to keep down noise. 
And a holder for his cup when driving [the hooks go to the front window curtains] - still have to put them back up. They are on a track.
that's the back up camera on the right the little gizmo on the right side holds the cell phone when traveling.
And here you can see the curtains. I know just more dust catchers but makes things homey. The front ones can be drawn for privacy but we can still see out and they let in a lot of light. At night we use the shades.
We also added an additional grab bar when coming up the stairs getting in. And a custom cover for the dashboard.
we no longer have the stuffed parrot 0 he got a little ratty after many miles and years
And this was not a good idea - but it sure looks pretty. Bill did it - stained glass and it has been there for several years and miles. The only problem is the driver cannot see if anything is coming from the left. Just a small detail!
Between the copilot seat and Bill's chair is a small table with a reading lamp attached. Also has storage for maps, books i.e. campground books, WalMart book etc. 
I also made covers for the driver and copilot seats - terry cloth - have made new covers for the arms, stool and a complete cover for Bill's chair. Easy to sit on and easy to wash. 

What else in the front - oh yes the lights. This coach came with plain Jane ceiling lights. Bill hated them so he made covers for them. The regular lights.
The lights as they are now - there are three of them. 
And again I'm going to stop - the front of the coach is pretty much done - not too much more to write about - But I just remembered something I didn't take a picture of - so until tomorrow and Part 3...Bye

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