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Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy day here at home today.

I promised I’d write today so I’d best get with it. But it will be short. I’m tired and besides NASCAR qualifying starts soon.
We had an uneventful last 185 miles home. Got an early start then stopped for breakfast in Effingham, IL at a – where else – Iron Skillet for breakfast. We pulled into our driveway around 12:30. Our house sitter and good friend Tom came by right after we got home. [I added his name this time because he asked why I always called him “the house sitter” instead of his name.] So here is his name TOM. A very good friend.
He had already taken care of the water heater problem. New one installed and working great. Leak in roof stopped after snow melted – hasn’t leaked since even with all the rain.
The house looks pretty good for as bad a winter as it was. No trees down and most of the plants survived and are leafing out. Just some minor clean up to do. Added to list “call gardener.”
Our pond is full of fishies and the wild birds are already looking for food. Have to buy some sugar to make nectar for the hummingbirds.
We’ve taken most of the food out of the Alfa and put it away. Nine zillion trips in and out so far and only ¼ done. But taking our time doing it.
We’ve been into town for a few things but will have to go again tomorrow or the next day to pick up some corn for the deer and a salt lick for them.
Bill is going to the doctor tomorrow or Monday for what we hope is his final check up. If everything is clear he’ll finally be able to get off the antibiotics – if not – well we’ll see.
It is quite cold here not getting above 50 but supposed to warm up and be in the low 80s by end of next week. So I want to get a lot in the Alfa done before it warms up.
Got seven months worth of mail gone through, Checked whole lot of messages on answering machine and vacuumed up almost a full bag of dead lady bugs – ick – do they ever stink. So I’m done for the day. Still have to transfer files from laptop to PC but that will wait until tomorrow.

Time to knit and watch TV. 


  1. glad your home safe n sound !!

  2. So glad you're safe and sound. Fingers crossed for Bill's check-up.
    Been chilly since we got home and a dull and rainy week.