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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The deer are back

A cold rainy day today with temps dropping to 38 tonight with rain or maybe SNOW!? Although right now the sun is out - temperature never got above 50 today.
One of the ears of squirrel corn is gone – didn’t see who ate it but…And this morning I saw two deer out back happily munching away. One of them was “bitchy” – so named because she is always running the other deer off. How do I know it is her? She’s been coming around for several years – she has one blind eye so she is easy to recognize.
I was going to paint the trim in Bill's bathroom this morning [the trim I was supposed to paint last year] but managed to talk myself out of it – just too damp today. So I ended up scrubbing the kitchen floor and the cabinets. Now I wish I’d painted – cleaning is just way to much exercise.
The banana bread I made yesterday turned out okay but the kind I make from scratch is better – but the box is so much easier. But none of it compares to the bread we buy when in San Blas Mexico – it is the Best.
Going to watch the Pacers game on TV later – hope they play better than the other night. While they are playing I'll put my feet up and knit.

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