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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring is here

Woke up to a very soft but steady rain this morning. For the next six days we have rain or thunderstorms in the forecast for five of them. One day of partly cloudy. Temps to remain in the high 60s during the day. We went to town again this morning for breakfast and about half way there the skies opened – we REALLY got rain. Wipers could not work fast enough to clear it off. Could not believe all the people out on the highway or all the people going out to breakfast – all the restaurants were FULL. What was everyone doing out on a rainy Saturday morning?
Just a couple of pictures from around the house. The clematis are starting to bloom.
After taking their picture I walked over to look in the pond. We have pollywogs! Zillions – no exaggeration – zillions of them. Usually they are swimming around the rocks this year they cover the whole pond end to end, side to side. The white stuff is leaves. 
Also caught site of this guy. He is pretty. Hope he makes it to grow up.
Thought this was pretty the blue sky with the green trees.
Been on the phone with the warranty company about the water heater. Had to send them all the receipts for the new hot water heater and the plumber. Not sure yet what they will do if anything. They usually want to be notified before any thing is fixed.
Watched the truck race last night – Kyle won! Hard fought race for him. But his truck was really good. Maybe he has broken his Kansas jinx. Hope so. The Cup race is tonight and he starts way back in 24th.
Got some Corned Beef yesterday so will fix our Saint Patrick’s Day dinner either today or tomorrow. Good weather for it.
Need to go downstairs and sort the spices I brought in from the Alfa, some belong in the house others stay in the Alfa. Then back to my knitting. Being very diligent with it.
I’ve started to work on the statistics from our trip. Here is a map of the route we took – this of course is just the Alfa. Side trips in Jeep do not show. 5900 miles – 213 days – Left October 1st returned home May 1st.
Later - Well crap, just discovered a big mistake in the knitting – have to think on how to fix it so put it away for now.
Getting ready to watch the race in a bit.

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  1. Enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Hope you enjoy traveling in your Alfa motorhome as much as we do.