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Saturday, May 24, 2014

So many new things to learn - want to or not.

And the days keep going by – been keeping busy cleaning the Alfa, cooking, knitting [have three of the five panels done] and going into town and to the doctor.
Bill’s allergies just aren’t responding to the allergy shots. He’s good for a couple of days then they are back in force. So doctor changed the shots – this last time he got three – fast and slow acting. That was a couple of days ago. He was fine until yesterday evening – then again runny nose, eyes and sneezing. Seems a little better this morning but is still snuffing and sneezing and rubbing his eyes. Was it because he spent a lot of time outside yesterday? Spent some time in the Alfa when I was stirring up dust? Or is it the Air Wick air fresheners I’d put in the house? I took all but one freshener out and that one was upstairs and he spent a lot of time last evening upstairs working on the computer. So this morning took that one out too.
Speaking of the Alfa – all I have left to clean is the window and blinds above the sink and to oil all the wood then it is done. Well except for putting all the curtains back up. We'll wait until some minor repairs are done inside to put them back up.
Oh yah. I found my glasses – they were on the headboard shelf of the bed. I NEVER put them there – well I never did before! Took me half the day to find them.
We got a summary of the bill from going to the doctor in Arizona from our insurance company. I was looking it over and saw “2% sequestration reduction” it was 84 cents! What the heck? So I looked it up: Those cuts won't be evident right away. The reductions in Medicare doctor rates will begin with services provided on or after April 1 even though the sequestration order is issued on March 1, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The cut is capped at 2% for payments made for services provided by physicians and hospitals, as well as monthly payments to Medicare private insurers and Part D prescription drug plans.”  He went to the doctor April 12th. Learn something new every day.
Also learned about lumens when buying replacement lights for our ceiling fan. Whole new language.  In case your curious – I still don’t understand it.
Lightbulb Watt-to-Lumen Conversion Guide
“We all know how much light a 60-watt bulb will produce. But the brightness of new CFL and LED lightbulbs are measured in lumens, not watts, so here's a chart to help you do the conversion.
 How Much Light Do I Need?
Incandescent Bulbs
Minimum Light Output
More info: Lightbulb brightness in general is measured in lumens (not watts). Light bulb manufacturers include this information and the equivalent wattage right on the packaging. Common terms are "soft white 60," "warm light 60," and "60 watt replacement."
It is so nice to have a government that wants to take care of us in everything we do. NOT – I hate the new light bulbs – they are ugly.
In the last few days I’ve baked a from scratch banana bread, two layer cakes, roasted a chicken [delicious] and fixed an oven roast with potatoes and carrots. So I’ve satisfied my cooking fix for a while. Tuna sandwiches for dinner tonight.
Going to watch the Champions League championship game this afternoon and then the Nationwide Race – Kyle has the pole. And tomorrow the Indy 500 and the Cup race. So won’t be getting a lot of anything else done.

At least here the weather is perfect. Low humidity, high 70s and no rain until Tuesday. 

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