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Monday, May 5, 2014

Keeping Busy

We are really keeping busy visiting with neighbors, running errands into Columbus - 25 miles away, catching up with phone calls and mail. Emptying Alfie - almost done and then putting things away here in the house. Which means up and down the stairs a lot - my legs are getting a work out! Lots of little time consuming stuff to be done.
Bill sees doctor tomorrow afternoon. And his allergies are back in full force! We are not leaving town again - there has to be something to help.
We still have to call insurance company about leak in roof and the water heater.
Today I finally got to sit down for a bit and knit - this will turn out to be a wedding present for Ivory Rose instead of a baby gift if I don't spend more time on it.
Weather is begining to be nice - high 70s with no wind or rain - until this coming weekend.
Just wanted to touch base - time to go watch TV now.

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