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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Very Rainy Day for errands

Yesterday it was 83 to day it is 55 and pouring. Gotta love Indiana weather.
Bill went to the doctors yesterday and after a week of no antibiotics there is still no infection. Thank goodness – hopefully that is all behind him now. And for his allergies he got a shot and today feels 95% better. By tomorrow should be 100%, if not doctor told him to come back in for another shot.
Spent rest of yesterday taking things out of the Alfa – things that needed washing – all the curtains, place mats, rugs and bedding. Washer is still running today. I’ll keep everything in here until the inside of Alfie is spic and span. There is dust even inside the drawers – after Amarillo everything needs to be wiped off.
All the going up and down stairs – from basement where laundry room is to the 2nd floor where the computers are is getting me back in shape. The first couple of days my legs were complaining loudly but now they are getting used to it.
Took the white paint I bought last year to paint the trim in Bill’s bathroom into Menards today and got it shaken again – so will try to get to that this week or next – before it gets hot again.
Boy the Pacers sucked last night and at a home game – like it was a completely different team from their last game.  Hope they do better tomorrow in Washington DC.
One of those Duh! Moments this morning – we made sure the umbrellas were in the jeep when we left the house. Got to Columbus and went into the restaurant to eat. While there the skies opened – and the umbrellas? In the car of course. Got a might wet getting back to it.
Going to make a banana bread [from a box] later today just to see how it is. Then think I’ll just sit and knit – between the last two loads of laundry.
Bill is out in the garage repairing some of the wind chimes that came apart over the winter. Way too wet to do anything in the Alfa or outside. We’ve had the Alfa for 12 years already – sure looks different now than when we bought it. And has less than 60,000 miles on it. Maybe I’ll do a post about all the changes we’ve made to it.


  1. Both Mitch and I discussed how much of Mexico and the southwest we managed to bring back to the midwest with us. When I was emptying out the nooks and crannies in order to trade in the Short Bus, I kept finding little pockets of sand and dust that I had missed when I first got home in March.... LOL

  2. We have also owned an Alfa See Ya for 12 years - would love to see the changes you have made with yours.