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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cold sunny day

The sun is actually out today, but it is cold – got below 40 last night. At least it didn’t snow.
Went into town [Columbus] yesterday morning after Bill got his second allergy shot – last night and so far today he feels Great. Thank goodness – hope it lasts a long time. Ate breakfast and picked up our new Sam’s Club card – talk about a horrible picture half my head is cut off. Then to Wal*Mart and home. Didn’t do any work – just vegged out the rest of the day watching NASCAR and knitting. Kyle won the truck race. Led all but 4 of the laps.
Did see a couple of little squirrels eating the corn on the cob out front. So now I feel better about buying all the corn.
Today is an important soccer game – for the league championship in Spain. So we’ll watch that and tonight is the NASCAR All-Star race.
Kind of nice for a couple of days not to do anything more strenuous than climbing the stairs.

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