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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good news from doctor.

The new header is the road we drive up coming home from town. The red buds are still blooming and the dogwoods are in full bloom. Seems like there are more of both than there have been previous years. Guess they liked the COLD winter. The daffodils are just about through blooming and the yellow mustard plant covers the fields. Today the sun was out and it reached 77 degrees. Looks like Spring/Summer has finally arrived here in Indiana. Supposed to rain Friday through Sunday though.
Bill saw the doctor today. The infection is finally gone so he doesn’t have to take any more antibiotics at least for this week. He has to go back for another check one week from today just to make sure. He also will have to see an Urologist as soon as he can get an appointment. Now if only his allergies will let up.
We have almost all the “stuff” out of the Alfa now. I’ve washed all the racks etc for the refrigerator but not the box itself. Tomorrow maybe. Or maybe not. When it gets done it gets done. Got the screen porch in back cleaned today. Vacuumed and dusted so now we can go out there and enjoy the scenery. Got some corn for the deer so hopefully they will be back soon. Enjoy watching them.

A couple pictures from May 1st the day we got home. It was overcast and gray that day so the colors aren't so pretty. One turn from home. 
 Looking off the side porch across the valley. Another overcast day. 


  1. Hi Bill & Carol, Been reading about your travels back home. Glad you made it safely. We miss you both and talk about you quite ofte (good stuff that is). LOL As for spring and warm temps....still snowing here! If you could send some warm temps and sunshine, great! Supposed to be -9 C (and that's not including wind chill) here tonite! Good to hear Mr. Bill is finally better! What a spell of bad health! Hugs to you both...miss you...Alan & Debbie (COLD Calgary, AB, Canada)

  2. so glad to hear he had a good report from the dr. Glad yall are home safe n sound :) Hugs !!

  3. Nice to read that Bill is doing better and done with antiboitics. Now hit the yoghurt and get his natural bio warriors back!