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Monday, May 12, 2014

Laundry, sewing and gardening.

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. We had a quiet day around here. I fixed corned beef and cabbage for dinner and our friend Tom [the house sitter] came up to eat with us. Watched a soccer game that turned out okay and then spent a lot of time watching the weather channel. Storms all around us but all we got were a few sprinkles. And lastly watched the Pacer’s game – could not believe they managed to pull it together and win. Good for them.
Here are a couple pictures of some iris I saw in Wal*Mart’s garden shop  – aren’t they beautiful. 

I’ve been busy all day and was amazed to look at the clock and see it is only noon! So far I’ve put my sewing machine back up, made a muff, vacuumed the stairs, set up my embroidery laptop [after I found it - put it in a safe place before we left for the winter] and been doing laundry – regular stuff and a big load from the Alfa. It is nice to be using my own big set of laundry appliances. Although it was nice in Mazatlan to have it all done for me.  I also made a muff for Bill - when he is sitting and watching TV his hands get really cold - I wonder if he will use it?
AND…I rechecked my knitting AND OMG I did not make a huge mistake – I didn’t make any mistake at all except for thinking I made a mistake. Thank goodness. This is what I’m doing. There will be five strips that need to be sewn together when I’m done. I think the colors are perfect for a little girl named Ivory Rose.
Here is Bill’s herb garden on the railing of the screen porch. So far everything looks happy.

When we first got home we rushed out  to buy deer and squirrel corn and the ungrateful things haven’t been here to eat it yet. I’ve seen a couple squirrels out back but not out front by the corn. And I think the deer have been here at night because the corn is disappearing. But I want to see them.
Today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the 80s but by Wednesday we are getting cold again. In fact going down to low 30s at night – TV weatherman said maybe snow!!!!!! And it is supposed to rain on and off all week. Glad we’re home though. One poor town here in south western Indiana had straight line winds of 120 miles per hour on Friday – destroyed a lot of the towns and farms. Isn’t that a hurricane?

Load of laundry getting ready to take out and now I want to knit again too. 

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  1. Love your clematis!! Weather has been nothing to write about here. Saturday almost felt like spring!