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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Around the house

It is a beautiful day today. Just enough breeze that it carries the scent of what ever is blooming in the forest through our open windows. And the wind chimes are playing a delightful tune.
Thought I’d share some pictures from the house – so you can see why we like living here – well sometimes any way. Looking out the front door to across the street.
Off the side porch towards the street.
Off the side porch towards the rear.
we have lots of gold fish and koi in the pond
Looking off the back porch with just a piece of the screen porch in the picture.
this is where the deer come to eat
Yesterday we spent a good part of the day out and about. Had to get corn for the deer, a salt lick for the deer and cob corn for the squirrels. And of course sugar for the hummingbirds.
I’m having problems getting used to this keyboard it is quite a bit different from the laptop. Mainly the delete key, took me a while to find it and it is a double size key!
Almost caught up on all the mail. Yesterday we went to the County Assessor to dispute our house tax bill. I thought it would be wasted time but by golly we were right and it was wrong. The adjustment will show up on our fall installment. And they also rescinded the tax bill they sent us for our “business.” What business? Now we just have to deal with the state on business tax. A couple of years ago we displayed some of our stuff in an Antique Mall and had to get a state business license. We never sold a thing, but they keep wanting to collect sales tax. So later today I have to go on line and figure out what one of their forms I need to fill out to show we didn’t collect sales tax.
Been busy cleaning in the house too. Got the screened porch all cleaned up and ready to enjoy and most of the house vacuumed – zillions of bug carcasses. But surprisingly enough no signs of mice. The pest control people are coming tomorrow to give the house and outside a good preventive spraying etc.

Bill says he feels so much better now that he is off the antibiotics and the meds the doc gave him for the allergies are working too.  So he has spent most of today cooking. Made breakfast, then a quiche type thing with eggs, potatoes and onions he calls it tortilla. And then he made crepes.

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  1. Hi carol, give our best to Bill. Glad to hear that he is feeling good, and no more drugs. Enjoy whats left of Spring. Its been raining here for a month and the next few weeks do not look any better.
    Lots of love to you both.