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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day in Tepic - Part 1

Another bright sun shine day with low humidity - oh yah! It is Saturday all ready and I'm only writing about Thursday - one of these days I'll be able to catch up. We haven't been in this area for a couple of years so there is a lot to take pictures of and to write about. Guess this blog is turning into more of a travel log than an "about us" blog. 
So this is our trip to Tepic - Bill, me, John and Shirley - she had been to Tepic but not to the downtown area. 
Notice how curvy both roads to Tepic are - There is a new Autopista being built between the Aticama area and up to the toll road the 15D - it will cut off a lot of drive time when it opens. In the mean time we took the road we had traveled 37 years ago when coming to San Blas for the first time. It is paved better now and maybe a little wider. As always a pretty drive.
Just a glimpse of the river our kids saw the naked ladies in on the trip a long time ago. To read more about it you can read our book All The Way To Argentina - only $7.99 as an ebook.
Going through one of the little towns at each tope were a couple of people selling large cups of fresh cut fruit. 
We joined up with the 15D and headed south to Tepic. One more toll to go through and then we saw where the new San Blas Autopista will join the highway. It is supposed to open next month - but unless they work quicker it doesn't look like it will. 
Driving down Insurgentes in Tepic we always pass the sculpture - I think it is beautiful.
Turning on to Avenida Mexico heading to centro. The Cathedral in the background. 
In the next block past the Cathedral is a parking lot we always try to park in. I say try as it is very tiny and there is not always space. It is just to the right - the kind of beige wall. The first time we drove up to it we got waved away. So always persistent Bill drove around the block or I should say blocks because of one way streets - and came back to it. This time we got in. 
Once parked we walked across the street to the stores lining the main plaza and strolled under the archway. Lots of shoe shine men and shoe stores in this area. Also sidewalk vendors.
Continuing our walk around the plaza. We all were commenting on the mans shoulder bag. Typical man attire - white hat, long sleeve shirts, jeans, cowboy boots and shoulder bag. All the trimmed trees. The plaza is a very busy place. 
One of the side streets where the Huichols set up tables displaying their beading, embroidery and yarn art. 
A Huichol woman in full native dress. The embroidery is magnificent. 
A Huichol man in his embroidered outfit. It takes their wife almost a year to complete an entire outfit. The men do a lot of beading and yarn art too. One lady told Bill today that the Huichol men are allowed to have eight wives - I've never found any information saying that or heard it before.Wonder if she was pulling his leg. We also ran into our Huichol woman friend from San Blas - she was here with her mother selling jewelry. 
We went into the big Central Market - right where we went in were these cut embroidered kids clothes. Can you imagine trying to keep them clean. The embroidered skirt is amazing. I'd frame it not let a kid wear it. 
One of the cheese shops in the market.
A flower seller - he offered me the pink rose in his hand and I think he was upset when I didn't take it. 
Back outside in the plaza. Vendor with plastic toys and a customer. They are about 30 pesos or US$2.00
A mural I don't think I've noticed before in government building at end of the plaza. 
Looking down the plaza towards the Cathedral. 
A very pretty girl in a very pretty dress.
We walked to the other end of the plaza. This building is on same side as the Cathedral. It is a really old building Notice the bottom of the doorway. It was formed like that to allow the carriages to enter the interior of the building.
The interior of the building. I would imagine that there was no roof when it was built. 
 Inside the building is a restaurant and several shops that sell dresses for quinceanera [15th birthday] celebrations. 
 Back in the car heading towards up the street to visit some more great buildings. Lots of different architecture here. And lots of taxis.
 She is selling big strawberries and limes. Bill bought some - delicious.
 He is cleaning, cutting, bagging, and selling sugar cane. John bought some for Shirley as she'd never tasted any. 
 By now we were all hungry and ready to sit down for a while. So we stopped at this hotel and had lunch in their restaurant. 
So while the Internet is still working good I am going to post this part of Thursday's trip to Tepic. Lots more to come in Part 2.

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