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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Malecon and tidbits of San Blas

Good Morning - Next post will be from Guadalajara. We'll be leaving Aticama around 9:30 We were woke up again this morning at 4:00 by the rockets going off at the church. Asked why they did it. "It is to keep the demons away." Okay - one shot off every morning every half hour starting at 4 a.m. Must work haven't seen any demons. Just crabby people from being woken up. 
Finally got everything straightened out with the US Copyright Office for the book. Thank goodness I guess for email. The whole mix up was because of my name. Applied for the copyright under my first name, Ann. But authored the book under my middle name, Carol. Confused the heck out of them – but all is okay now.
Weird thing with the electricity here at El Chaco. We have 30amps – more or less. But the thing is the AC here doesn’t put out as cool air as it did in Mazatlan where we also had 30amps. But the really strange thing is the microwave – in Mazatlan to get a cup of coffee hot we had to zap it for at least 90 seconds – here 60 seconds leaves it too hot to drink.  What is the deal? Just little things buzzing around in my head.
Finally paid for our stay here daily rate when staying two week is US$11.50 – full hook ups, 30amps, restaurant, Internet in restaurant, level sites with grass. Not bad.
Still managing to keep busy here. After our trip up the Autopista we stopped to check out the work on the Wharf and the Malecon that is being built up and down the beach by it. Would have never know it was there if John and Chip hadn’t flown over it the other day.
Speaking of Chip just found out he got stopped by the rogue traffic cop here in the Matanchen beach area. He has stopped John, Vince and the other couple staying here twice. The “fine” for speeding – no matter what speed you are going at is from 1000 to 2000 pesos. In cash, right now. Illegal as all get out but no one has refused to pay. No ticket, no receipt. So if you’re in the area beware – he hangs out by the new Autopista. Sorry to say Mordida  (bribes) is alive and well in this area.
Back to Sunday when we checked out the new Malecon. It is really nice. Looking north towards San Blas.
Up close to the equipment building the new wharf. 
Looking south towards Aticama. A nice seating area and lighting.
Childrens play area. 
Bicycle path along the whole thing. 
A grown ups exercise area.
More children's play area. There is also a small stage with seating.  Very nice. 
One of the lagoons around here. The last couple of times we were here they were filled with birds. 
Another picture of the old church and its ladders. Don't think I want to climb either one. 
Some of the forms of transportation around San Blas. The children learn early how to balance on a bike. 
How many people can you fit in the back of a pick up truck? Quite a few.
Lots of scooters around town. 
Fish for sale just outside the central market. 
For anyone who has been in San Blas - the San Blas Social Club has reopened with Phil the cook. Only now it is on the west end of the plaza. The old building is now a bar. 
Here is really fresh fish for sale. Big ones. 
Back at the campground - heavy damp weather moving in. Just got real sticky no rain. Could hardly see the mountains. 
 Saw this driving down the road = looked funny. The guys are keeping the boat from falling off. 
 And then saw another truck and boat - you can see how far the boats were hanging out. This one has weight in the front of it and a rope holding it in. And even a red flag on it.
 More extra fresh big fish.
Another nice lagoon just of the road. Looks like it would be nice to swim in. Think again. see pictures below.
 This bird just caught dinner. 
 And these guys are swimming in the lagoon. 
 Saw three different ones out there. 
And this almost finishes my posts about this area. Have one more to do but will wait on it.
Soon we'll be leaving for Guadalajara - waiting for down the hill traffic to easy up. We'll be taking the shortest curvy road up the hill to the 15D. About 20 miles - hour long drive. So next post will be from there. Hopefully the TelCel will work there. Until then - 

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