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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tepic Part 2

Good morning - it is another beautiful day here on Mantanchen beach near Aticama, MX. 
But to finish my post about going to Tepic. 
These murals are from the  Palacio de Gobierno  painted by Jose Luis Soto They cover the entire ceiling from the entrance to the big domed area in the center. The colors are magnificent. [after the murals there is more about Tepic. 

Back to our day there. I left off with us going into the Hotel de Don Juan for lunch. This is the lobby of the hotel. 
The restaurant - looking to the right from our table. The waiters were so attentive. However when I ordered ice tea - I got a bland look so I tried Te Helado - another blank look. so settled on Coca cola. This is where several years ago when I ordered ice tea I got a soda glass of luke warm water with two tea bags in it. Not much call for ice tea I guess. 
Our table was right at an open air window. So we could watch all the people going by. The building to the right is where the murals are. 
I had the most delicious salad -and a quesadilla and guacamole. Bill had a hamburger...(that is balsamic vinegar for the dressing in the little cup - yum.) 
Just a BUNCH of electric wires strung across the street up to the government palace. We see less and less of this as wires are being put underground. 
Oh my! An undie shop.
After lots of walking around the city center we headed to WalMart for some shopping. Neat display. And I got my Ready Whip - can't find it in the little towns.
To get to WalMart we have to pass a big sugar can processing plant. Just one of the many, many can trucks going to it. They all look to be overloaded. And you don't want to follow too close as the cane keeps dropping off into the road.  
Just a look at the traffic with another can truck in front of us. Like any big city anywhere. 
Heading back down the mountain on the longer more twisty road to the beach. 
Lots of neat big old trees along the road.
Looking out over the valleys to the mountains far away. By the time we headed back the clouds had come in and the deep blue sky was kind of grayish. See the road down there. Only the beginning of the curves. 
Lush vegetation - and zillions of mango trees. The state of Nayarit - where we are - produces 480,000 tons of mangoes a season. 
The fruit ladies. l love these fruit stands. But sadly there are fewer and fewer of them every year. There used to be about 10 of them. That day there were only two. 
Just passing through another little town built up on the hills. 

This town we go right through. Very narrow streets with lots of topes and vados - dips. The flags hanging across the streets are made of a tissue paper like substance or plastic - they have different designs cut out in them. Put up for celebrations and special days. 
He has been out collecting grasses for his animals to eat. 
Back to the beach - A kind of nice sunset. The ultra lite has just landed.
There is a sail boat way out there. 

And so ended another day. I'm still behind but will continue to try to catch up while the Internet is being nice and working. 


  1. I was told the guy that owns the Sugar Cane Processing Plant owns a house(more like a fort) in San Blas. It is down the dirt road from the seldom used RV Park by the beach.

  2. Hum interesting - have to go exploring

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