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Thursday, February 19, 2015

People of Guadalajara

Yes we are still in Guadalajara. In fact we'll be here until Sunday morning. After doing quite a bit of driving around here Bill and the campground manager talked about when the best time to leave would be. Both agreed that Sunday morning the traffic is at its lightest. So Sunday it is. It doesn't get light here until around 7:30 and by then the morning commuters are already on the road in a rush to get to work. You have to drive here to appreciate the crassness of the traffic. Half the time my eyes are closed. So now we have a couple more days to fill. Yesterday and the day before we spent in downtown - old historic part of town with another trip to the central market thrown in. Have done a lot of walking. 
So today instead of the beautiful old buildings and/or the neat stuff to buy here I decided to do a blog just on people - individual people and groups of people. 
These first and second pictures are of the ladies who knit - or crochet. Most of the businesses around this little blocked off street sell yarn. These ladies knit things for sale and for children's and old people homes. They also teach others who want to learn. Some of the women are older some young with their children along. 
They have their pull alongs full of yarn etc. They are amazing to talk to and to watch. At night there are a lot more of them. 
Here we have a man and woman weaving leather straps into sandals. There daughter watches them. This is a ways down the same narrow street. The store behind them sells lots of different laces and trim for wedding and 15th birthday gowns. A lot of men in Guadalajara carry bags/purses - see guy on right.  
A closer look at the intricate design he is weaving.
Down another street this couple was making silver jewelry. He is cutting a design into a piece.
A young girl posing for pictures in her 15th birthday gown. They are glad to pose for anyone walking by with a camera. Of course she is having professional pictures taken at the same time. 
The back of her gown and her beautiful hair. These affairs can be really expensive. The gowns with ruffles are all the style now. 
We were in the plaza when a group of teenage boys showed up with their instruments. They were from the Seminario Diocesano de Guadalajara. They are studying for the priesthood. Getting ready to put on a concert. All around the plaza are benches to sit and listen. 
One of the Fathers working on the sound system. Much to our surprise the first song they played was the U.S. Marines Hymn. A couple songs I didn't recognize but another one was "My Way."
This gentleman was watching and listening. Couldn't resist a picture. Reminds me of someone from a John Wayne or Lee Marvin movie.

Another girl in her 15th birthday finery posing by one of the many beautiful fountains.
Children playing in the plaza. She has a plastic toy she is swinging around. He is trying to catch it. 
Then we came across this. Don't know what it was about. Looked kind of like a professional shoot. That is the beautiful opera house in the background. To the left is a woman standing watching her little boy who wanted to pull on the models dress. They finally had to ask her to move her son. 
Classic face. 
The final pose. Took about a half an hour to get it set up. 
Back to the central market. Always a busy place. And always some kind of music going on. They haul these instruments all over town playing for tips.
Oh look there's Bill trying to find a hat for his new hat bands. If the vendor doesn't have what you want he will go asking other vendors if they have it. And will send you to them. 
Looking down on the produce sellers from the second floor. 
Back outside heading towards downtown again. A woman and child following there husband/father past some colorful clothing. 
Not a real good picture but we've seen this woman a couple of times - don't know what she is selling but she has a fog horn voice and uses it liberally to hawk her wares. When she hollers everyone turns around. 
While eating lunch in the plaza this group showed up to play us some tunes. The day before a couple of women dressed up in colorful braided wigs put on a show. One twirled a rope and the other sang.
We went back to the bead shop because Bill needs some black beads.The shop didn't have any but this Huichol family said they knew of another shop that might have them so they invited us along with them to go there. All the streets in this area are pedestrian only. 
More music - they were very good and nice to listen to. 
This is the Plaza of the Umbrellas Lots of tables with umbrellas and a nice fountain. More musicians waiting their turn sitting on the fountain. Also lots of couples who aren't afraid to show their affection. Young and old frequent this comfortable plaza. 
Of course all along the streets are vendors selling all kinds of things to eat. And the benches are full of people who buy the food. 
Just a picture of one of the streets.
He is making churros and she has grilled corn on the cob. Just behind them was a vendor selling gorditas filled with dulce de leche. We bought some of those. Yum. 
On the way up to the car in the parking garage we passed this musican wondering if he should go back to the little cafe there and start playing.
This is one of our favorite cities in Mexico. It is horrid to drive around in but so worth it when you get to where you are going. 
The weather the last few days has been great - and getting warmer - up to 86 yesterday. Don't know what we'll do today. But I have lots more pictures of the city to share.  

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  1. Nice photos of the streets and the people that work there.