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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Errands in Mazatlan

Wednesday was a quiet day and much cooler with low humidity. Really enjoyed it. In fact got cool enough in the evening we had to close the door early.
Didn’t do much. Went out for breakfast then dropped of the laundry. Then on to the TelCel center to put time and bites on the Internet stick. It was really busy in there. Long lines. But it is done now for another month.

Came home and visited with the neighbors for a while and both of us took a nap! 
Today is another beautiful day - the humidity has dropped to a comfortable level and the night cooled off enough to use both the blanket and the quilt. Ah - good sleeping weather. 
No plans for today but hope I can get a new picture for the header. Something "really Mazatlanish"

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