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Friday, February 20, 2015

Things you can buy in Guadalajara

A little late getting this done today but better late than never. We got some neighbors here in the RV park yesterday afternoon. They are from Arizona and driving a truck camper. So when we found out they'd never been to Guadalajara we offered to take them to downtown today. Needless to say we left early and got home late. The weather here continues to be beautiful. No humidity. 
I have taken zillions of pictures around town. But instead of doing a blog on all the beautiful old buildings I decided to share some of the things you can buy here. Believe me it is just a small portion of what is available - mostly things that caught my eye. 
Saw these dolls one day. They are dressed in the fashionable ruffled dresses. 
And of course always cups of fresh fruit on the carts lining the streets. 
Cowboy hats in all styles, materials and colors. 
The beautiful dresses used in the Mexican dances.
Hum...The sign says "No touch."
Aprons for the lady of the house. 
We had to ask what these were. Knew it was a food but what? Well it is made from the same dough that churros are made of. But these are really skinny and cooked completely so they are crispy. No sugar on them. So basically it is fried dough. Tastes okay...don't know what the little green things are. 
Coconut milk.
Pancakes with different spreads.
Don't know much more than what the sign says. Do know whatever it is is wrapped in corn husk and hot. 
The ever present grilled corn on the cob. With lime juice, chili and or mayonnaise.
Baptismal clothes for boys and girls. Very detailed and pretty. Includes hat and shoes. 
Sombreros in all colors and designs. 
 Beads - this is where Bill did his shopping for his hobby. I also will grab a few of what he bought. They are 1/4 of the price of the US.
 And a pastry shop where the pastries come with visitors. Lots of bees. Everything really smelled good but we decided to pass. 
For the adventurous man in your life. Snake skin belts with the heads still on the skin. Or maybe lady who wants to impress. 
 For a little girl.
 For a big girl or guy. Very colorful blouses and shirts. 
Having daughters in Mexico can be expensive - Baptism, Confirmation, 15th birthdays and weddings - OH MY And being in other girls celebrations where they also have to dress up. 
Ribbons for the hair for dancing.
 childrens clothing. 
We really like just walking around this city taking in the sights. It is a very busy and vibrant city. Just a few of the the pictures I've taken. but it is getting late and I want to finish this. 
We surprised ourselves today. Really walked all over the city for hours. Then after getting home we decided to go out for dinner. So tired and full now. Tomorrow is going to be another day spent downtown. Then Sunday we leave for Mazatlan. 


  1. My friend, Jackie McGuinness, mentioned your blog and I have visited a couple of times. I just wanted to say that I love it! Good narrative and good pictures. I feel as if I were there with you. Thank you for sharing. Kathi S

  2. Thank you - so glad you enjoy it. I have fun taking the pictures and sharing them. I usually try to find something interesting to post about every day.

  3. In your walk a-rounds I was wondering if you could tell me how much dinero for La Vencedora Mexican Vanilla (31.79 oz)...:) Just curious if you ever see any. really enjoy your blog :)