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Friday, February 27, 2015

Looking for a new Mazatlan header picture.

Yesterday morning we went out for breakfast again at Torres. What a neat way to start a day. Good coffee, excellent service and food and a beautiful peaceful setting. Just watching and listening to the blue ocean and the sound of waves.
From there we took a drive as I want to change my heading to something reflecting Mazatlan. Driving along the ocean looking for good pictures. Passing the fishermen. Lots of people looking at the fresh fish, the birds flying around hoping for a snack with blue sky, a palm tree and the city in the background. That could work
Two Amish or Mennonite women watching the fishermen. Their dark dresses, head covering and sensible shoes.
Then we found some Carnaval decorations still up – I bet this is pretty at night.

A divider with musical notes on it.
Continuing on around the corner I think I found it. The Fountain of Life on the Malecón.
We also went out to dinner last night with Ron and Janet. To the Casa Loma. Very pretty place. They have inside and outside dining. I had excellent chicken and Ron enjoyed his beef. Neither Bill nor Janet were impressed with their pasta. But at least we tried a different place. 
This bush is growing right outside our front door. Flowers
Bulbs and green shiny leaves
and something that looks like it might be pomegranate eventually. 
On our way up the road we were detoured off the Malecon - they were setting up for this years Triathelon that runs today and tomorrow. Makes getting to the central district interesting.

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