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Friday, February 13, 2015

Driving around Guadalajara.

It’s such a lovely day today, look at the sunshine – oops – wait! There is no sunshine – just more RAIN. It started to rain about 6:00 last night and hasn’t stopped since. At least the lightening and thunder has stopped. According to the news one person was killed by lightening here in Guadalajara last evening.  AND today is Friday the 13th. And it is cold – for Bill anyway – but I too have on jeans and a sweat shirt. Last night about 9:30 the breaker outside went so Bill had to wrap his feet in plastic bags, take a flashlight and go out and fool with the electricity in the rain. So we now have some power but not sure how much. So no electric heater on and no using the microwave. When he gets up now that it is light he’ll fix it.  So other than that the day is great!
Well we've been out to breakfast and to Sam's Club but now home. Still raining but getting lighter. We have the furnace running on propane so it is warmer in here. Also have used the microwave to heat drinks without a poof. And I dug a roast out of the freezer - good day to have the oven on. 

Here is a picture of Alfie in his spot. Notice all the trees around. The one we are under has little nuts? things that have been bouncing off the roof since the rain began. Cobblestone road. 
 A picture of the three of them:Willie, Bill and the Alfa. We originally wanted to park to the other side of the tree in the middle but as Bill was backing in I happened to look up and see a wire starting to drag across the roof. OOPS almost took out someones TV cable. There is a house right to the left of the picture. A lot of people have built homes around the edge of the campground.
 The road in and out of the campground. Cobblestone, narrow and lots of BIG trees. And about 1/4 of a mile long. 
 Yesterday morning we headed in to Guadalajara proper - right to the old historic area. But we were on a mission to go somewhere else too. The roads are very good but the traffic crazy. And you better know where you are going so you can get to the lateral (business road) in time to get off the main road. 
 Off of the main thoroughfare on to one of the older street heading towards downtown.  
Just some pictures I took of interesting buildings and things. Lots of trees lining the streets. 
 How's this for a pint job - don't know if it was really painted that way or if it is graffiti. 
Here is where we went yesterday. #1 and of course #5 is the campground. #3 is our first stop. The neighborhood where Bill buys his cow hides and the paint he uses on them. We had last been here a couple of years ago but we found it. Avenida Miguel Hidalgo is the street the pictures above are from. It goes right through downtown and old downtown. 
The neighborhood where the paint supplier is
 And I actually drove the car! No not on the trip. Only about 1/2 block to move it closer and park it on the right side of the street. 
 This whole are has leather tanneries. Here is a pick up truck loaded with raw hides going into one of the tanneries. 
 Here is Bill talking to the owner of the shop where he buys his special paints. 
Looking in the shop. The office and front part. It goes way back. Full of chemicals and paints and hides and all kinds of stuff needed for leather work. 
 Looking towards the back - the helper is showing Bill some special hides.
 Here the worker is on a lift that the owner hand cranks to raise him up high enough to reach things on a tall rack. Yes hand cranks.
 Discussing some hides. But they aren't the kind Bill can use. And a better look at the lift. Things most tourists don't see. 
 Leaving that area and head towards downtown. Notice how clean the streets are. The buildings are old but in the most part maintained. 
Interesting graffiti. 
 Don't know if they were tearing this building down or if it was just falling down, but it was supported on all side by these big metal pieces. 
 Now this is a real "Mexican Standoff" all three cars are trying to get into a single lane entrance to underground parking that was full. There is a cop in front of them trying to tell them that. The sound of horns blowing was amazing. Shucks we wanted to park there too. Plan B - another lot just down the street. 
 Finally parked with no problem in another lot. This is downtown. A new section. Notice all the building kind of look the same. Big walkways on both side of the green area. 
 Turned around and looked the other way towards the old town. That is the theater building in the background. This month, February, Guadalajara is celebrating its founding. So there are stages and tents everywhere. 
A lot of the streets downtown are pedestrian only. Lots of vendors set up on this one. Wish it had been a brighter day so the colors would really show.  
 This lady is painting a tiny vase. The two bottles and big jar are painted but haven't been fired yet.
 One of the pretty old buildings, now a restaurant. Built in 1897.
 We stopped and ate here. Have eaten there before. Nice place. It originally was a 64 room house. 16 of the rooms faced the street. 
 Going in to the restaurant. Cook manikin. Some sample meals in front of him. Bill had a hamburger and fries and I had marinated grilled chicken with salad and rice. One strange thing - here we get salad a lot but no dressing. I usually put lime on mine. Bill asked the waiter why no dressing. Interesting  answer. First he said in their homes they don't eat much salad as we know it. Second he said when he eats salad he puts hot sauce on it. Okay...
 Back outside walking around.; We stopped to look at these shoes. I tried on the pair second from the right. They didn't fit quite right. US$14. Very nicer and soft leather and insole. If we go down there again I might try to find them in the right size. 
 Some blouses and shirts. And i just noticed a little boy.  
 This guy was just walking through in his Mariachi hat and suit. No idea what was in the bag or bucket. 
We were just coming to the Central Market, but will save that for my next post as we won't be doing anything today. 

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