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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sunshine in San Blas

THE SUN IS OUT – looks like the rain is finally over. It rained again all night. There are still dark clouds out there but more blue sky than gray. Right now it is cool out – sure hope that lasts all day.
A couple days ago we got a small break in the rain – just enough to let us have a somewhat pretty sunset.

And yesterday afternoon there was another short rain break with some sunshine. It is still raining in the distance.
So we took a quick ride - the blue sky through the palm trees. Right after I snapped the picture the gray clouds closed up again.
The other day we drove up the beach and I posted some pictures of the wharf that is being built. Here is the sign about it. The new Autopista from the 15D that comes down the mountain will join the highway right at the wharf. Should really make some changes to the area. It is supposed to be open in March. 
We went for a ride up the beach too and then into town for dinner in the evening. Something for tomorrow.

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