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Monday, February 9, 2015

Detour - there's a rotten road ahead.

And today is? Monday! Am I right"? Yep -thank goodness for computers. One day last week we decided to check out the route we planned on taking when heading south. So we jumped in Willie, the Jeep and set out. We are at #1 - we planned on following the blue route back to the 15D toll road to #3. About 111 miles. From #2 on I don't really like the highway. it is pretty twisty and turny. But I get ahead of myself. We had heard that part of the road between Aticama and Zacualpar was not in good shape. An understatement.
Just a sunset picture from the night before the drive. 
 Starting out - the road going just into Aticama. topes of course and we met this LOADED truck.
 Then this cart - the vendor was peddling as fast as he could - over more topes.. 
 And yes he is in our lane coming towards us - cleaning up some small landslide - and we aren't even to Aticama yet. Should have told us something. 
 You never know what you'll find on Mexican roads - an ATV with four people on it. And yes, he is going over a big tope.
The little plaza in Aticama - the two trees have grown together and been trimmed into a big box shape. 
 Here we go again, more traffic and it is hard to get around them even in a car. The road is narrow and curvy and up and down. Slow going.
Going through one of the little towns - a tope every 10 feet - okay on the car but shakes the RV to pieces. Starting to rethink this route. 
Scenery is beautiful - very tropical. 
Road is good if a little narrow and up and down and around hills.
Stuck behind a small pick with a BIG load of mattresses going 30 miles an hour. Couldn't get arround him for a ways. Gnashing of teeth of the driver. 
Finally we were out of the hills onto the level more or less straight part of the road. No real problem with taking the RV that way so far. Then we noticed a traffic jam ahead of us - brake lights coming on. Vehicles swerving all over the place. 
Oh my gosh. This must be the part of the road (?) we heard about. What road - just craters. No way to avoid all of them. 
Some were big enough to swallow the car whole!
The bus is stopped and the driver on the phone - something broke. No kidding. 

More of the same. But the scenery is still pretty - and we were going so slow we got a good look at it. Well I did - the driver couldn't take his eyes off the ... whatever you want to call it. 
Ah finally coming to the little town of Zacualpar. Heading up the hill to the main street. 
Do you believe it got worse! Almost unpassable. No way we'd take Alfy over this. 
We continued as far as the church and then turned around. Decision made - seek another route.
Pretty little church

So back the way we came - the bus was still broken down. The holes were still terrible and all the topes were still there. We just went as far as the red line on the map. I didn't like the idea of going up the 200 any way. 

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