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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quiet day in Mazatlan and some more of our adventures in Guadalajara

Oops – woke up and discovered we left the door open all night. But it sure is cooler in here with it open.
Got a notice from TelCel that my time will expire on 2/25/15 at 11:40 hours – so guess we’ll be making a trip to TelCel today to buy more time. We can only buy 3GBs for 30 days. So which ever runs out first – the GBs or the days it is done. Three days ago they sent me a notice that I only had 922 bites left so I was expecting to run out. This is the first time I’ve been notified about the days. In fact sometimes I’ve gone over the 30 days until I run out of bites?... Either way it’s time to go spend 400 pesos for more Internet. US $26.00.
Our son in Las Vegas, NV sent some pictures of the snow around his house. Guess it is cold everywhere – in Indiana it was a high of low 20s. BRRRR.

Had a quiet day yesterday. Went to breakfast then relaxed until dinner time. Our friends Ron and Janet have returned from their adventure further south so we all went out to dinner at Christy’s in the Marina.  We got there just in time to watch the second half of a Barcelona soccer game – they won. Serendipitous event.
Because we had such a quiet day here in Mazatlan it will give me another chance to share more of our adventures in Guadalajara - I have so many more pictures.
One day we parked, wandered around some then went in search of the beads Bill needs for his art work. We walked about 5 miles - I think even more because we did a lot of backtracking and such. 
One place we ended up was the square in front of the Cabanas. Never been here before. Some info about it. 
 If anyone has ever been to Puerta Vallerta they you have seen similar sculptures along the malecon there. They are just plain weird. Figures of all sorts made into chairs etc. 
 There are two sections of them one on either side of the square. These I got closer pictures of. The legs of the sofa are feet!
 A table with legs as legs. 
 Another weird "sofa" with little head and shoulders and arms stretching out to make the sofa. 
 Want to sit here?
 From there we went back to the big central market but will save that for later. Further along our travels we came upon this. Bill immediately knew what it was. A fortune teller who uses little birds to grab the fortune. Says it is very common in all Latin American countries. 
 A closer look the little birds, one yellow and one white are in the cage like part under the steeples. The prices are on  the sign. Of course I wanted my fortune told!
The man explaining how it works. You pick a bird and he picks a fortune out of a box. 
 Bill paying for the fortune. Of course the guy was trying to sell him on the more expensive one - didn't get that part. 
 Not a good picture but that is the box with all the little fortune cards in it. The birds pick a card out. 
 First I picked a bird - white or yellow? This is the white one coming out of his cage to pick a card. 
 The man doesn't look at it. He just shoos the bird back into the cage then picks the card up and puts it into an envelope and hands it to me. 
Bill read my fortune - "If I work hard I'll have lots of money" I think it lost something in the translation. 
No idea what we'll be doing today - but if we do nothing noteworthy I'll just write more about Guadalajara. 

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  1. The bronze sculptures are phenomenal; just the kind of practical sculpture I like.