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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random thoughts and pictures from Guadalajara

It has finally stopped raining there in Guadalajara – but to say the sun is out would be a lie. Still pretty gray and cold out. But each day from now on will be sunnier and warmer. Thank goodness. So much for “it never rains in Mexico in February.”  Even I’ll be glad to see some low 80 degree weather.
But guess I shouldn’t complain I looked at the forecast for home in Indiana  BRRRR  20 degree or less for the highs!
E haven’t had any more problems with the electricity. Microwave works fine. As do lights and TV and other small stuff. Been running the furnace on propane with no problems. Don’t know what Bill did outside at the breaker box, but he did good.
We’ve spent the last couple of days just holed up here in the Alfa. Didn’t even go out to eat. So I’ve been on the computer looking up things to do in Guadalajara and found some Indian Pyramids that have been uncovered not to far from here. A day trip perhaps? Also lots of stuff downtown that we haven’t been too. Hum…maybe we should stay here longer?
Missed the NASCAR race last night – well didn’t see it run but followed the lineup on the computer. Lots of wrecked cars – don’t like Daytona. It is just a crap shoot. At least the #18 finished the race – and he was involved in two wrecks. Good pit crew to keep him running. This afternoon is qualifying.
No Internet here to download books to my ereader so I went to our library at home. From there I can download a book to the laptop then transfer to the nook. Found a couple of good authors: C J Box - a series about a game warden and Steven James – a FBI person. Enjoying them. Took me a while to remember how to get them from the laptop to the nook. But figured it out.

Bill has been watching the TV – soccer games and news. So he’s been amused. 
Guess he just wanted to take a nap.
 Another building I like the looks of. 
 An upholstery shop
Just sitting and waiting - on the steps in the central market
Love the socks - looking at trinkets in the central market
 Stopping to get her shoes shined. 
 No problem, we'll just wait here as long as we have something to eat. 
 Church's Chicken - first one I've seen in Mexico
 Wonder what his deal was?  He was shouting and wailing. 
Hopefully I'll have some thing to write about tomorrow

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