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Friday, February 6, 2015

La Tovara - great way to spend a morning

Wednesday morning. No more rain in sight - blue sky. The day was going to be beautiful so what should we do? What about a jungle boat ride through the mangrove wetlands? Sounded good to all of us so off we went. Bill, me, John, Shirley and another camper here Vince. The mangrove wetlands are not far from the campground - about six miles headed towards San Blas. The boats or Pangas as they are called. This was our third time doing this. So I've written a lot about it in the past. 
The Marismas Nacionales-San Blas mangroves ecoregion contains the most extensive block of mangrove ecosystem along the Pacific coastal zone of Mexico, comprising around 2000 square kilometres. The water was very still as there were no boats in front of us. The reflections great. Hard to tell where the reflections begin and the vegetation ends. 
Saw lots of different wildlife. Like this turtle checking us out. 
Almost looks like there are two of them. 
Just a pretty tree
An iguana up in one of the trees - kind of hard to see hiding in the leaves. 
This is a really big termite nest - close enough to take a good picture of it. Didn't you always want to know what one looked like?
Just thought this was a pretty picture - more reflections. 
Can you see the crocodile? They sure blend in. 
Another pretty picture. It felt like we were a million miles away from civilization. If there had been soft flute music it would have been perfecterer.
He's got his mouth open - lots of teeth. The panga driver reminded us again not to put our hands in the water. No problem!
Just more peaceful scenery 
 The mountains way in the background. And another croc enjoying the sun. Maybe thinking about tasty tourist torte. 
 Go away and leave me alone! I'll lift my leg on you.
 Just like these flowers.
How about a short stay here. Built as a movie set originally. Brings to mind sarongs and a drink with an umbrella in it.
 An interesting tree. 
 Took me a while to find this bird. I thought he was another piece of branch. sound asleep I guess
 Another croc - kind of a big one. 
A boat passed us while we were stopped looking at something - his waves disturb the stillness of the water. 
 Water Hyacinths - pretty but destructive. 
 Just like this picture - 
 Lots of turtles on the branches. 
Our guide using his machete to chop some over hanging branches.
 These guys are hard to see - they are so still.
 The turtles are leaving until we go away.
 There is a bird in this picture sitting on the log with his wings out. Cormorant I was told. 
DUCK lot bridge - had to duck way down. 
 Returning to the dock - I did not put any pictures in this blog from the crocodile farm where they breed crocodiles and have several birds and native animals in captivity. Have posted pictures of them before.  
 We all enjoyed our peaceful ride. 
That evening we went into San Blas to the Chinese restaurant and got take out. Pretty good - with enough left over for the next day.
The weather is getting warmer - and the humidity is staying down. 
Yesterday we spent the day in Tepic. Today - who knows? 


  1. That is a nice boat ride, also great birds. The brown/white bird on the branch is a Northern Potoo. Thanks for the photos and it is nice to see they have paved the road going into San Blas, I am sure Bill can find other pots holes to dodge.

    1. It is strange but there are hardly any birds here this year. We found some potholes on the road to Las Varas!