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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Enjoying the sunshine in San Blas

We jumped at the day of sunshine and got out and about for a while. Taking Willie, the Jeep, for a drive up the beach into San Blas. We can go from the campground to the outskirts of town.
With only one little river to ford. It is about a foot deep. No problem.  
 Getting up off the beach to where all the restaurants are.
 Hum - guess all the puddles hadn't had a chance to dry up yet. Jungle on one side - restaurants and ocean on the other.
 The road got a little better the further we went. All the bushes were cleaned of their coating of dust so everything is so green now. 
Just part of one of the views.
Always someone selling something. If not food, or clothes - colorful beach toys. 
 Lots of banos around. This one really stood out. 
 Another view of the ocean. 
 One of the restaurants - this one also sold clothes and I got me a neat cool dress. 
Then on into town. This is a new - to us anyway - Chinese restaurant. Went in and looked around. Good selection and smelled really good. In fact last night we went into town and got supper there. Not bad. I love the noodles and we both got orange chicken - Bill got rice with his. Both have enough left to lunch today. 
 Just a purple house. 
 Walked around the plaza some as usual - stopped to talk to our friend the Huichol lady. This is some of her work. 
 The baby I posted a picture of the other day asleep under the table. Awake and smiling this day. 
 Then suddenly a BOOM - everyone jumped out of their skin almost. It was a day of celebration and rockets were set off near the church. It kept up all day at not set intervals. Just suddenly BOOM.
The lady vendors who sell produce and shrimp just across the street from the Central Market. On the other side of the street fresh fish is sold. But we didn't go that way. Will some other day. 
 Inside the Central Market - this is not a big market at all. Only one produce stand, a couple of meat vendors and a dry goods vendor. Mostly places to eat in there. 
Some more produce - no rhyme or reason for how it is placed.  But most of it is very good and smells delicious. 
We came back to town later for dinner and walked around the plaza again. I love the light posts on the gazebo. 
 Lots of cotton candy for sale. All colors - yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. I wonder if they have different flavors?
This structure is going to be used in the fireworks display later in the evening. All kinds of fireworks attached to it. 
 After eating at Tradiciones we came back to the plaza. Working on another device for the fireworks. 
 Lots of vendors selling colorful items for the kids. 
It is so sad that people won't come to Mexico because they think it is so dangerous. Peaceful people living their life. Wonderful friendly and caring people. Smiling children and happy grandparents.
Yesterday we took the Jungle Boat ride - lots of pictures. But now we're getting ready to drive up the mountain to go to Tepic. Busy, busy. 


  1. These pictures will bring back vivid and good memories for Tioga George as he spent so much time in that area. Enjoy your stay but don't you miss Mazatlan?

    1. Don't miss Mazatlan yet - lots to do here now that it is not raining.