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Thursday, February 12, 2015

San Blas Friends

My second post for today and my last post about San Blas this year. In case you didn't read the post below this - we are now in Guadalajara - and it is pouring and thundering out! What is with the rain this year?
One of the first things we did when getting to the San Blas area was go into town to eat at Tradiciones and visit with our good friend Javier .The restaurant is one block from the police station heading towards the arch. 
The breakfast and soft drink menus are posted in the window. 
The dining room looking into the kitchen. Bill talking to Javier and Victoria the cook. 
Part of the dining room. I like the table cloth set up. Very colorful. 
Javier helping Victoria in the kitchen. The menu is very comprehensive - just about anything you would want. I especially like the chicken milanesa and Bill like the chili relleno on top of a chicken milanesa. We usually get a side salad and papa fritas or rice. Our friend John had Pollo a la Plaza and loved it - 
Both of them laughing at something Bill said. Victoria has the most wonderful laugh!
Just before we left we went to eat and were surprised to find Javier painting the exterior of the restaurant. Victoria and Bill are watching him. 
The proud owner, painter, buyer, waiter, cook and sometimes dishwasher Javier. He has many plans for his restaurant including adding a second floor.
The start of a new look for Tradiciones. Stop by and enjoy the food and great people. 
Here is Bill in the plaza talking to our Huichol friend Melisa. She is a wonderful person. And an excellent bead worker. We have know her and her family for several years. She is working on a special order for Bill here. 
The last time we were here a couple of years ago Bill promised her a hat like his. Last year we didn't make it to San Blas but this year he remembered and brought it to her. She pointed out the American flag pin to everyone. 
Wearing her hat and putting out some more beaded jewelry. 
Her daughter and son-in-law working on hat bands. He'd just finished the one in the middle bottom of the picture. 
Putting the new beaded hat band on Vince's hat. 
Vince sitting in the background watching the process. 
 Everybody working hard. It is amazing to watch them. They make the beading look so easy.
 The band is on the hat. Bill is checking out his new band. 
 A finished hat band. The young man made it - he is 28 - his wife is 24. They started to bead at age 5.
 Here are Bill's three new hat bands. 
 Now he says he needs to buy new hats for them. The band on the hat was made a few years ago by Melisa
It is hard to leave such good friends behind every year when we leave. We will miss them. And hope to see them again. 

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