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Monday, February 2, 2015


Well now it is Monday - absolutely no Internet any where yesterday. Has not stopped raining for 2 1/2 days!
Super Bowl Sunday – every one here in the camground and hotel watched it. We watched from the Alfa.
Late post today - it has been pouring all day and have had no Internet until middle of game. [it didn't last long enough to post.]

Good first day of February morning. It is a little cooler here in San Blas this morning. We had very heavy rain and wind and thunder and lightening during the night. Enough that Bill got up and put the awning in and played with the windshield wipers trying to get the travel bugs off the glass. This morning there are big black clouds up there. The Alfa and our friend John’s 5th wheel and his garden.
The ultra lite belonging to Chip – a few years ago I took a ride in it. Might be fun to do again it the weather changes.
Weather report is for rain, heavy, off and on until Tuesday. If it just stays cooler I don’t mind. After Tuesday the temps go up to 85 with “feels like” temps of 90 and above. If so we are out of here – inland or north – anywhere but here.

At least the rain must be keeping the famous San Blas bugs away – have not been using any bug spray – it irritates my skin – and have not received even one bite! Shush – don’t tell the bugs!

We went into the town of San Blas a couple of times yesterday so took some pictures of course. Going through the area that sells lots of different breads and beach supplies. At least the topes are well marked.
Oh Oh – something is wrong here. Lots of people standing around a wrecker looking into the river. A couple of men on a boat in the river. More on that later.
Like I said there was a lot of rain overnight yesterday too. And a not so good drainage system in town.

Lots of activity in town. This is the time of the International Migrating Bird Festival and the day to celebrate the people from the town of Ahualulco. People who supported San Blas during one of the revolutions.
Stopped at a market and got a few things – no produce in that market. Then headed home. Had to stop for this school band to cross the street heading for the plaza.

On the way home – this time traffic was stopped completely. A big wrecker sat across the road. Divers in the water attached chains to the vehicle and the wrecker tried to pull it out. But the chains broke. So the truck pulled over and let traffic go by.

It is a big yellow truck – don’t know what happened to the driver.

Except for the one area where he went in the water the entire highway is bordered by heavy vegetation.
Stayed home and sat out some more rain then decided we’d all – John, Shirley, Bill and me – would go back into town for dinner. We went to La Isla. We’ve eaten there in the past, always good food. And interesting decorations, the walls are covered with shells in different designs.
Walking towards the plaza. These buildings are on a side street and still have some color to them.
Talking to our Huichol friend in the plaza – Bill is watching her make another hatband for him.
Sleeping under the table.
A better picture of the old church. Lots of plants growing out of it.

The extra crosses are for carrying in processions.
Back at the vendors. John, Bill, Shirley looking at things

A little info about San Blas. It was founded in 1531 but settled in 1768 when 116 families arrived. This was the port from which the Spanish pries Junipero Serra departed for California on a ship built in San Blas.

This last week the town has been celebrating Jose Maria Mercado Day – it celebrates the friendship between San Blas and the village of Ahualulco who supported San Blas during one of the revolutions. The statue of him is surrounded by flowers for this occasion. The statue and some of the flowers.
More flowers – all from different neighborhoods in and around San Blas.
And lots of horses going up and down the street.
Before going home we stopped to get some banana bread from the same bakery we bought it from during our stay here in 1978.

Read all about that in our book. Available as an ebook.
We did make it to the tangias [flea market] yesterday morning in Aticama. Wanted to get some more of the excellent coffee sold there. But the coffee man wasn't there. We just got home and the heavens opened up again and didn't stop until evening - and then for only an hour or so. 

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  1. Really dark clouds Carol - too bad about all the rain. But could have been worse - did you see the snow outside of Mazatlan? Yikes! Great town photos - lots going on around there….