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Monday, January 20, 2014

Bees and lazy day

Sunday – day of rest. We were both up at 4:30 – I went back to bed but Bill stayed up until I got up then he went back to bed. Neither of us felt much like doing anything today after being on our feet all day yesterday.
Wow somehow I managed to do something to the blog. Not the actual blog – but I type it in word first then copy and paste to Blogger. Something I did in Word turned all the writing to red and started doing weird things. I touched some key or combination of keys and it started “tracking changes” and “inserting and deleting things.”  Think I’ve got it straightened up now.  There’s a Track Changes command [control+shift+E] need to watch where I put my fingers.
It was much cooler today – sky remained a little overcast most of the day – what a difference that makes. Didn’t have to run the AC the entire day.
Bill went out to empty the tanks on the Alfa and found a baseball sized nest by the water heater. Looked like little bees of some sort. Nasty. Sprayed it and knocked the nest down and dumped it in the trash.
Later he grilled some Argentina Sausage we picked up at Sam’s Club and some Italian Sausage we found at Mega. Both were pretty good so will buy a few more packages when we find them again.

After eating we went to the beach to check out the sunset. 
I watch the sunset and Bill talks to all his vendor friends. They say business is slow again now that all the holiday tourists have gone home. 
Today we're going to Malpica for bread and then on to Concordia. Maybe to Copala.....never know. 

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. I've been to Mexico 5 or 6 times, many years ago, so your blogs bring back memories. I always wished I could speak Spanish better.