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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Errand kind of day

Up at 6:30 this a.m. the only cool part of the day. Going up to 85F today. Home at 27F is starting to look good to me. This year the heat is really bothering me. Getting old is such fun.
So lets see what has been going on….Before I forget we’ve been watching the moon rise the last couple of nights and got to wondering when the full moon would be. Well it is TONIGHT – why did I put that in caps? Because tonight, Jan 15th, is a special full moon. It is the tiniest full moon of 2014 – it’s called the Mini Moon. It will look the same as any full moon but much smaller. And watch me forget to go out and see it tonight.
Bill has been playing with his remote controlled cars lately. Chasing the doggies around. They sure don’t know what to make of the little cars – or Bill for that matter. Here they are parked in their “garage.”
Willie was back in the Jeep dealers for a few days again. One thing gets fixed and it puts strain on another thing that then needs to be fixed. Pretty soon he’ll be all brand new again. So since we got him back we’ve had errands to do early in the day before it gets hot in the afternoon. First we picked up Bill’s pants that he had hemmed. At less than US$6 apiece it’s not worth me trying to do it. The alteration shop- lots of colors of thread. She also designs and makes dresses.
Then went to the grocery store. Not an event in itself but had to take a picture of these pastries. Cute yes? See the ears and tails? They are sitting on red muffin papers.
Later we went to Fat Fish for ribs – didn’t take any pictures this time. Don’t want to be cruel. Then we drove down the Malec√≥n to watch the sunset. Not very pretty – no clouds.

Yesterday, Tuesday, first thing in the morning we had still more errands to do. First we dropped off the laundry to have it done. [Don’t dare run the washer/dryer while the AC is on. Don’t need any more melted plugs. And from 10 a.m. on the AC is on.] Plus Bill wanted two pairs of the pants he had hemmed ironed. Ironed? What is ironed? Actually we do have an iron with us but I guess I forgot to remind him of that. Will pick it up later today.
Then off to Centro Historico to leave Bill’s watch at the watch maker to be fixed. He said it needed a good cleaning. Hope that’s all as it is a pretty old watch and one of Bill’s favorites.
From there we walked up to the Parasina [fabric store] to pick up some cording for some shirts. Heavy fleece at US$3.80 a yard.
And real nice cotton at US$1.50 a yard – actually the price is per meter but close enough.
Then to the Central Mercado mainly to look around. There was a story on TV that the city is going to make some repairs/restorations to the Market in the near future. Not sure exactly what but it will be interesting to see. The market takes up one whole square block. A couple of pictures of the outside. The upper floor has a bunch of restaurants.

And a couple of pictures of the inside.
clothes and knick knacks

meat market - one of many
The streets around the market are full of food vendors. Every thing from fresh produce to cooked food. And they all seem busy. It is always crowded around this area. 
After lunch in the Plazuela Machado we headed home. A kind of mural on the front of a biker bar.
Passed this guy with his ATV snack mobile. From behind
The front
he has his helmet on
Down by the Golden Zone is this building – it has been vacant for many years but over the summer it got a new paint job. I guess part of the beautify the city for the tourists campaign. Almost glows now.
Next stop was the used book store where we traded in a bunch of books and bought a bunch more. With a trade in they are half price. Then on to the new WalMart to pick up a few things. For some reason these green sausages just make me shudder. Don’t think I could ever eat one.
We were home for a while then decided I really needed a haircut so just as we were going out the door to get in the car Luis came by. This is the first time we’ve seen him since we’ve been here this year. Luis is a barber who comes to you. Got a great haircut and Bill got a trim. And when he finishes your haircut he gives you a massage on your neck and shoulders. Full service.
Then we took a ride out towards the beach north of us just to be outside. Knew the sunset wouldn’t be much but over the years Bill has made friends with a lot of the beach vendors – so every once in a while we go just to visit with them. Crowded beach as the sun sets. A policeman on the ATV. Vendors heading towards their vehicles and a couple of horses the tourists just got off.
One of the vendors with his load.
A couple more. Can you imagine lugging all that back and forth every day through the sand.
The sun going down and just a small group of the many many pelicans flying south in the evening.
And the moon coming up.
Bill talking with his friends.
Then home to left overs for dinner and to watch a DVD - 
Today we are waiting for a guy to come to look at the Alfa's cracked windshield. Then more errands. Tomorrow to El Quelite. 

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