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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Interesting Walk through the Centro Historico Mazatlan

It’s only 10:30 and we’ve already had an exciting day. Got a call from our propane supplier at home. Sometime over the COLD COLD weekend the propane ran out. He could not fill the tank unless someone was home to open house and check inside and turn on pilot lights. Oh Boy! Did manage to get a hold of our house sitter – who hadn’t been at the house since Friday when he left for work because all roads in and out of our town were closed. No traffic except emergency allowed to travel. But today the road was opened, and it was his day off and he was heading towards the house. So he called the gas man back and managed to meet him. The inside of the house was down to 39 but everything checked out okay. Gas is back on. Gotta love life in the country.
We were watching a DVD a couple nights ago and the movie “Reno Brothers” all took place about 50 miles from where we live in Indiana. In Seymour and North Vernon, Indiana. They were the first gang to successfully rob a train. Come to find out they are buried in Seymour and there is an area called “Hangman Crossing” just outside of Seymour. It is where they were lynched when they were caught. Now it's a housing development called Crossings. Have to check into it when we get home. Another piece of trivia – Elvis Presley played the oldest and only lawful one of the Reno brothers in his first movie Love Me Tender.
Yesterday we went into the Centro Historico to have lunch and just walk around some. All the Christmas decorations in the plazas have already been removed. Since Sunday night. Here’s a map of our walk – starting by the Cathedral on down to the ocean. My shaky hands can’t draw a straight line. [the red dot is a mistake - means nothing] Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. 
Driving in we saw this mural in the process of being painted. Not a real good picture but you get the idea. Seems like part of it will be like a crazy quilt. Will try to get a better picture next time we’re in the area.
I had to yell at Bill. He is pulling on the rope to the Cathedral’s bells! Can you imagine the Priest running out after him.
Thought this was interesting – I’ve seen it before on information signs. Half of the information is in Braille. I'll have to stop and study it next time to see if I can still read any of it. 
We did discover that the watchmaker is still in business – he was just on vacation for two weeks. Of course we didn’t have the watch with us so will give it to him next time we’re over there.
Walking up Constitutión looking at all the buildings. Most of the occupied/whole buildings were repainted by the city over the summer. Notice the bright blue on the first building. It is apartments. And the nice white on the third building. The one in the middle is a “fixer upper.”
Next to the door of the El Aljibe Restaurant. The restaurant itself is built in one of the cities original cisterns. We’re planning on going there one of these nights. Doesn't open until evening so couldn't look inside.
One of the colorful side streets. Too bad the renovation restrictions didn’t go into effect before the corner building was remodeled/built. The little short posts made of concrete were a new addition to the streets a couple of years ago. They were put up to keep cars from parking on both sides of the street. Makes turning corners had if your vehicle is very big. 
On to the Plazuela Machado – this building got painted too – Beach Burger used to be a different color then the rest of the building. There are two restaurants in this picture. Beach Burger is only the left two openings – El Bife is the next two and another place is the last one. Only Beach Burger is open for lunch so they spread their tables out. At night the street is closed and the tables are spread out in the street.
I had a quesadilla and Bill had a Crazy Potato [baked potato filled with beef and cheese.] Very good.
Love eating there as you never know what you might see. Guess some one bought a new door. Hand delivery.
And this is a beer truck that delivers to your home. Now that would come in handy on Super Bowl weekend.
Here is a shoe shine boy on his bicycle. He comes to you. In front of him is an Aurigas - a pick up truck taxi.
And then there are the medical students who want to take your blood pressure. We said no thanks.
Continuing on our walk after lunch we stopped to watch these two guys struggling with this big metal gate. Notice the one in his Charro outfit – sombrero, white shirt, tight pants and boots.
Also had his rope with him.
“I know I said I wanted it painted green…but…” I wonder if they saw a paint chip before they painted.
Another colorful side street. Each home or business is painted a different color. Most are only two openings wide.
A little pink panther VW parked at the curb. Cute.
We walked down Sixto Osuna to the ocean Avenida Olas Altas then along the Malecón for a ways. The sidewalk is interesting. The man on the bike is a life guard. He was calling swimmers out of the ocean because of strong undertows.
On the way home we went by the Aquarium – this school bus was parked across the street.
And then past a mural I want to go back and get a better look at. But too much traffic to slow down.
And that was it for yesterday. You can never go out here without seeing something: interesting, funny, strange, cute, beautiful. I took about 50 more pictures but had to edit what I can put on line because of limited Internet. Had leftovers for dinner – too warm to cook. 


  1. Love seeing your pictures of Maz, Carol. Makes me eager to get back to Merida!

  2. 39 degrees back home is a might chilly. Lucky all is well and the temperature was not below zero. Enjoyed the comments and pictures from your walk. Jackie and I are planning to discover the city over the next 6 weeks and cover every street we can.Great synopsis of the day.