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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting into our 50th year together

"HAPPY NEW 2014 YEAR ! May life grant you ... 12 months of love, 52 weeks of joy, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, 52600 minutes of inner peace 3153600 seconds of happiness!" sharing wishes from a dear friend.
A Very Happy New Year to Everyone
And a Happy 49th Anniversary to Bill and me. Yep 49 years ago today we got married in of all places Mexico. Been some interesting years. Long before we met I went to a fortune teller with some girl friends as a lark. He told me I would live in a Spanish speaking country for a while (I did when we took did our drive to Argentina in 1978) – he said I’d have five sons – we did. All of that sounded so far fetched then. Who’d of thought part of it would come true.
Not last night but the night before. The Alfa with its Christmas lights and a pretty sunset behind it.
Looking the other way towards the Gulf the same night.
Today the first day of the New Year is dark and dreary. It rained yesterday afternoon and a good part of last night and still dripping some this morning. Sky is more dark than light out.
At eleven yesterday morning we jumped in another Pulmonia and rode into the Jeep dealer to pick up Willie. He is all fixed. Bill says he, Willie, drives like his old self now with lots of get up and go. While waiting to get the car we were walking around the new car lot – NO WILLIE WE WEREN’T LOOKING AT THEM! Any way the same cars here are cheaper here than in the US. Here is a fully loaded Jeep Patriot even has a fancy roof rack – price translates to around 23,000 dollars.
Stopped at Burger King on the way home for lunch. Did I mention that here in Mazatlan BK delivers.
Spent the afternoon home. Watching the rain come and go.
I am now reading Sue Grafton’s “W” bought it before we left home. Again I am surprised how much I prefer the Nook for reading. With the lighted screen it is so much easier on the eyes.
Then we took a quick trip to Soriana –a grocery store – for some last minute things. Didn’t want to be out and about any later in the evening.
Since we’ve been here this year we’ve noticed the huge police presence. Seems like there is a police vehicle on every block. Lots of bicycle police and beach police on ATVs. There are the Tourist Police, Transit Police, City Police, State Police and Federal. Very seldom see them stopping anyone. More of a deterrent than anything I guess. And they drive around with their light continually flashing so you can really see them.
Stopped at a traffic light in front of this place. Somehow I can’t think of the words Dental and Vacation in the same sentence!
On the way home we got glimpses of the sunset so of course had to go to the beach to really see it. As always it was pretty and out over the Sea of Cortez [Gulf of California] we could see the storms heading for us.

Got home and fixed a very good dinner. Even have some leftovers for today’s lunch or snack.
Read this article this morning. Sounds like good ideas if you’re interested. Positive New Year Ideas. Nothing preachy just nice. 

Just got back from Breakfast at the hotel across the street and the sky is starting to clear up a little – The sun is trying to come out -in front of us looking west the sky is blue - behind us to the east it is still pretty black. 


  1. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Bill and Carol! Here's to 50 more years! Ha!

    Pretty rainy this year in Mexico it seems. Hmmmm - hope it dries up by the time we arrive.

    Are you headed to San Blas soon?

  2. Congratulations Carol and Bill!! You are an inspiration in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your stories!


  3. Happy Anniversary, Bill & Carol... (BTW, ever since you met my friend George in Aticama - and long after I had stumbled upon your saga of your trip to Argentina on my own - I have pretty much been a daily checker to see if you posted anything... I really enjoy your blogging. My wife Frederika and I will be embarking on a full-time RVing life in a couple of months, and are expecting to blog about that and my music endeavors enroute)

    Pete Olson

  4. Enjoy your full timing and send me a link to your blog.